I guess this is one topic we can discuss since most MMORPG systems don't have this. Fashion is a good way to distract a player in-game. Boredom usually is a player's greatest enemy when grinding or doing quests. It actually often results in a player's decision to quit. To some players, leveling up his or her character is not everything. Their character has to look good to boot. Most players use their fashion instead of showing off their armor, it is also a good way to keep mystery with your equipment. Not to mention the business it promises when you decide on selling the fashion set. It also serves as a proud collection to most fashion addicts.


At first, I spent an obscene amount in buying fashion until i get the colors i like or at least close to the colors. With the release of the dusk patch, it also included the dyestuff package which has been a blessing to most fashion addicts. I now have all the fashion pieces i desire and with their respective colors to boot. It did cost much.. but what the heck, people have their own priorities.. sensitively, fashion is mine.

I just can't wait for the new fashion items from the frost patch to be released so i can widen my collection accordingly. Praises to the creators of this feature, it is a nice feature what will help players remain in the game especially in this vast competitive world of MMORPG's.

Janelh, KUDOS to this site, it has helped me much since my early days in PW. I've highly recommended this site to the people i have influenced into playing PW as well.

Class: Yao Jing
IGN: Valinaire
Server: Dragon

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