Class review: Versatility in PW

Class review: Versatility in PW

We all know that all classes in PW have, in some ways, definite roles in the game. Yao Shous are born to tank, YL are made to assist etc. Most MMORPG follow this same kind of format to their chars. Yes, let's admit that this makes the game a bit boring once you are on the peek of your character's strength.

That's why there are certain classes that are made to lessen this boredom. So called 'versatile' classes: Can do anything, but won't excel (that much) on them. In Perfect World, the 2 most versatile classes are Wuxias and Yao Jings. We shall be comparing this character classes.

Wuxia: Name that weapon!

Wuxias are known as the most versatile class in PW. You can choose freely from 4 different weapon masteries, namely Fist, Mauls, Swords and Spears. Each category has its own strength and weakness. Here's a simple breakdown of each weapon class.

Hammers:king or AoE, highest attack power.
Spears: best ranged attack, the most balanced weapon for wuxia
Swords: great solo weapon, high DPS [damage per second] due to it's fast attack speed.
Fists: King of 1 on 1. Highest attack speed, best used for skill cancelling.

You'll never go wrong with any weapon class, PLUS, you can go hybrid by choosing at least two weapons. I'm a triple weapon Wuxia, [Sword, Maul, Fist], and I'm seriously thinking of taking my 4th mastery. There is actually a guide on having all 4 weapons, now that is versatility! You can check it out here [], credit goes to faybhie for the excellent guide.

Imagine being able to adjust to the situation.
- Enemy too far? Use Repeating Cannon and Chasing the Soul.
- Mobbed? Use Avalanche Strike, Roaring Mountain, make them bleed with Gale of Thorns then throw them back with Falling Stars!
- Pure Magic Enemies? Use Sutras in your arsenal

Wuxia's versatility in the battlefield is both a blessing and a curse. It takes a lot of patience to get that so called 'versatility' by balancing your stat points while maintaining a good number of points for your Constitution. Dual masteries are usually built with the Axe class. Expect a lot of hurt from these guys.

One flaw for this class: all your attacks are physical in nature, so all heavy armored enemies usually takes time to kill.

Yao Jings: Melee Mage, and Pets.

And that brings me to the YJ class, which I consider the most versatile class in PW. I've had chances to play with different types of YJ. All I can say is that this character is like a clay, you can mold it to any type you want.

What are the possible builds for a YJ? Here are some examples.
- mage class, mystic armor.
- mage class, light armor
- fox type, light armor
- fox type, heavy armor
- hybrid type, light armor. physical damager, secondary mage or vice versa.

And so on and so forth. the YJ class is the only class that can wear all armor types and live with it. Yes, there are heavy-armored YL and YM's too, but this class is the default versatile class.

Here is a Table on every class weapon/armor usage.
Note: this table is for the most common builds in PW. Yes, there are fist type YM or heavy types for FS/YM/YL but they are exceptional builds.

Heavy Light Mystic Sword Spear Axes Fist Bows Mystics
WX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FS Yes Yes Yes
YL Yes Yes Yes
YM Yes Yes
YS Yes Yes
YJ Yes Yes Yes Yes

Here's more, is there any other class that can harness the power of Pets? ^_^

The bad thing here is that it requires a lot of attention to mold your YJ to the class you've always dreamed of. Unlike Wuxias wherein you can go hybrid after you mastered a weapon class, YJs needs to be planned as soon as possible, Spear Wuxia can go axe anytime just by adding a few str, but YJ can't just switch from magical to physical. They must have all the necessary preparations to fulfill their character build.

If you want to have a fun, versatile class, then I advise that you go build a Wuxia, able to change weapons in the heat of the battle. But if you really want a character that can tank magic and physical attacks, attacks melee and attacks with spells, then go through the excruciating road of Yao Jing class and let its versatility award your perseverance.

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