Perfect World Tribune Vol 2

Class review: Versatility in PW

We all know that all classes in PW have, in some ways, definite roles in the game. Yao Shous are born to tank, YL are made to assist etc.

Most MMORPG follow this same kind of format to their chars. Yes, let's admit that this makes the game a bit boring once you are on the peek of your character's strength… read more

Avoiding Scams
(Issue 2/6)

In the previous volume of perfect world tribune, I discussed about website scams. But how about scams in game? After all this is an online game.

With this incoming frost patch which includes new mounts, many players will surely sell their present mounts in favor of the new ones. This could result in many scammers wanted to get something for free.

This brings us to trade more

Contributor: Valinaire
Server: Dragon

I guess this is one topic we can discuss since most MMORPG systems don't have this.

read more
Wildcard Voting

The Pheonix Council Wars 2008 is getting closer each day. The territorial war scoring had begun and for clans who don't have the quantity and strength to expand their territory, they still have a chance to represent the server via the top-up more

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