Interview: Mahado

(Issue 1/6)

Hi Folks
Welcome the the first edition of THE BUZZ!! [joke]
I'm here with the Great Lotus Clan Master, Mahado. aka Drew
Wei Sa Baw: Hi Drew…

Wei Sa Baw: Hi Drew….

Wei Sa Baw: Drew?…

Mahado: Sorry, AFK after Dusk

Wei Sa Baw: ehehe, hunting ka nanaman?

Mahado: Yup, coz there's no Exp mod anymore.

Wei Sa Baw: (wala na nga pala x1.5…) Anyway, shall we continue with our business?

Mahado: Oks

Wei Sa Baw: …. To be honest, I don't know how to start… >.<

Wei Sa Baw: Anyway, how/when did you start playing PW?

Mahado: Hmm, it was already Open Beta when I started PW, around late July

Mahado: ..saw some folks playing at Max3d so I decided to try it out

Wei Sa Baw: Since then ba nag start na ang Lotus?

Mahado: Lotus was Lotus long before I came.

Wei Sa Baw: Hmm, ok.. How bout telling us the History of Lotus

Mahado: They started out in a game called Scion of Fate ..or Scions of Fate, an International MMORPG [Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game]. Lotus was founded 2 years ago to be exact and it was among the clans in Close Beta Perfect World.

Wei Sa Baw: Yes, indeed one of the most experienced clan in PW-PH. Lotus was a powerhouse during the early days of Dragon 'di ba?

Mahado: well, we could say that, we have the highest leveled YS and YL back then, as well as the most number of experienced PW players

Wei Sa Baw: Having players from CBT PW is truly an advantage.

Wei Sa Baw: Anyway, let's not hide the fact that Lotus has gone thru ups and down, Clan masters replaced and members leaving. But Lotus stayed as one of the top tier clans in PW under your leadership. Can you give us a brief history on how you became the Lotus Clan Master?

Mahado: Ahhh yes. My first stint was after Egwene left to form Heritage. I was among his captains then. I was shocked to see that half of the clan already left. Then, Syuveil, Aseyus, Egwene, Suing and I talked over YM to discuss the matters. We were trying to convince Egwene to go back, but his mind is already made up. He was asking the rest of us to go with him, but I guess my attachment to the clan is greater than my loyalty to him.

Wei Sa Baw: So I've heard..

Mahado: Anyway, so we decided to stay. The next problem was who shall succeed him since most of the officers went with him as well. It was decided the me and Syuveil would be the Masters, thus Lotus had 2 Masters after Egwene

Wei Sa Baw: 2 Masters?

Mahado: Well technically, 1 carrying the title, the other one as a marshall. But both of us have the same power over the clan, sharing the leadership basically

Mahado: Then, real life problems caught up with Syuveil so he decided so lie low, and thus, I assumed Mastership of the Lotus Clan. Although when Priss [Ecchi] went back to playing, I gave the mastership back, I think it was around January. Like Syuveil, Priss was unable to play much due to school and work. So I assumed leadership again after we lost all our territories.

Wei Sa Baw: A good history. But here's another historical fact. You are well known as the 'spokening dollar', can you tell us why? ^_^

Mahado: (Laughing) I dunno who first called me that. Well probably because I communicate to everyone using English.

Wei Sa Baw: ( …parang ngayon *nosebleeds*) Anyway (while wiping blood from nose) What are Lotus' plans for the future

Mahado: Hmmmm, well, nothing much, just continue enjoying the game. Seriously speaking, Lotus would wanna go back to where we started, and that is Ice Bound. Right now we're just going along with the tide, trying to rebuild our forces while keeping everyone together.

Wei Sa Baw: I wish you luck. Family stays together.

Mahado: That's the kind of culture we are trying to build and maintain in Lotus.

Wei Sa Baw: Any last words for our dear players?

Mahado: Last words… hmmm..Advice - Separate real life priorities from the game, don't take things too seriously. We play to enjoy, not to be stressed out.

Wei Sa Baw: … and enjoy the game, we shall. Thanks for your time Drew.

Mahado: Thanks as well, Kudos to Rafi and Cath for putting up a great site.

Wei Sa Baw: Thanks din (…tapos na nosebleed ko…)

*Mahado flew away with his Ingeniuty wings

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