Review: Ghast, the perfect Axe

(Issue 1/6)

Here we are in the first edition of PW in review.
On our first topic, we shall be discussing one, if not the best weapon in PW: the Bloody Ghast
Since the start of PW, the BG [Bloody Ghast] has been regarded as the best pound for pound weapon for Yaoshous, Wuxias and, to some extent, Yaojings. The BG outclassed its cheap, yet effective cousin: the BM [Great Maul of the Black Iron]. Let us Compare the stats:

Axe of the Bloody Ghast:
Level Req: 70
Str: 212
Dex: 39
Aspd: 0.83
Attack: 467-1089
Violent Warrior
Con + 10~11
HP + 185


Great Maul of the Black Iron
Level Req: 79
Str: 239
Dex: 44
Aspd: 0.91
Attack: 549-1019
Phy. Damage Reduction 1%
Def + 216

Here we see that BG is a lot better than the Black Maul. Here's a breakdown of what these weapons can do.

Lower level req over BM [9 levels!] Lower Str req and Dex for Ghast, you can use those extra stats for Con

E.g: A level 80 char, assuming their stats is for the min req of the weapon.
BM: 239 str, 44 dex. so that's an additional 122 stats to con
BG: 212 str, 39 dex. that's 154 extra stats

That's already a 32 stat point difference
what can 32 stat points do?
YS: 544 HP
WX: 480 HP

This alone makes BG a higher tier weapon compared to BM, let's look further.

Everyone loves Violent Warrior. Double damage for a nifty 5% of your HP. I used to hate BG, saying it is over hyped. But when I was given a chance to use one, heck, I never wanted to give it back. VW is like adding critical to your attacks. This stat alone gives us melee fighters a chance to deal massive damages, I've had 30k crits with BG, while I never passed the 20k mark with my Maul, even with Gloom activated. Additional stats like HP and con doesn't hurt either, a few additional HP is welcome for a weapon that drains your life bit by bit.

Let's look at Gloom. It adds about 30% to your attack, just like another Divine Strength. 30% attack for a few sec is not bad, but you must consider the chances of activating gloom. It rarely buffs up, usually every after every monster in my experience. The good thing is that it takes away MP instead of HP. We can live without MP, but not with HP. I've heard stories that VW actually caused player deaths, took out too much HP while tanking. The Phy Dmg reduc. and def 216 ain't bad at all. This makes BM a good weapon for tanking, but it's limited to physical attacks Unlike BG's HP buff, HP could be used against both magical and physical attacks.

Attack: Again, VW wins over Gloom. BM might have a higher min attack and attack speed, but nothing beats the sheer power of VW.

Here's where the only place that BM wins. With good stats and in great demand, a BG mold could be bought at a hefty price: 25m yuan. A 1 slot BG could cost as much as 20m, some could be bargained for as low as 15m. You might pass out if you want a 2 slot BG.
Whie BG burns everyone's pockets, the lonely BM costs around 1.5m to 2m yuan for a mold, 1 slots going for as low as 850k. You can easily get a 2 slot BM.

BG wins most, if not all department for Axes. Maul is now considered a default weapon for level 79 axe fighters that can't afford a BG. It can never be considered as poor man's ghast. But with the BG's un-faltering price, a lot of people can settle for a Maul, waiting 'til they get a chance to get their BG.

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