Avoiding Scams

Avoiding Scams

(Issue 1/6)

In every game that we play which involves human interaction, it is not rare to encounter people scamming and people being scammed. In this game Perfect World, this not-so-perfect environment can ruin the game for some people. Although there is a customer support and game masters that help the victims, prevention is still better than the cure.

There are players who scam to get what they want; "Ganda ng gamit nya, makukuha ko yan (His items are good, i will get those)"
There are players who scam with a robinhood mentality; "Mayaman naman na siya, matutulungan nya yung mahihirap na tulad ko (He's already rich, he can help poor people like me)"
There are players who scam just to know if people are gullible; "Ilan na naman pwede kong mauto ngayon? (How many people can i trick today?)"
There are other reasons known only to scammers on why they scam others players.

Website Scam

This is one of the scams proliferating in the game. The scammer normally entices the victim into going to a website supposedly to get a free in game money or a rare item or experience boost. The website will then ask for his username and password. Once the victim types his username and password in the website, the scammer can force the player off the game and get all the items of the victim. The most blatant style is when the scammer uses the world chat to shout the website address. The more subtle way is the one-on-one style where the scammer targets the victim directly. Three common scenarios have already been discovered regarding this kind of style.

Example Scenario 1:

Victim receives a private message from Scammer. "May nakita akong website nagbibigay ng free 50m yuan (I saw a website that gives 50m yuan for free)"
Victim wants to know the website. "Punta ka lang sa free-yuan.xxxxx.com tapos logoff ka ng 10 mins para malagay yung free 50m sa account mo (Just go to free-yuan.xxxxx.com then logoff for 10 mins so the free 50m can be inserted to your account)"
Victim goes to the website and types in his username and password. Victim logs off for 10 mins expecting to get 50m yuan in his account. After 10 mins, he logs back in just to discover that all his items are gone.

Example Scenario 2:

Victim receives an in game mail from scammer. "Congratulations! You won a bloody ghast from the level up promo. To get your free item, login to www.levelupgames-promo.xxxxx.com."
Victim wants to get the item he supposedly won so he went to the website and puts his username and password in the login fields. Once he logs back in the game, he discovers all his items are gone.

Example Scenario 3:

Victim receives a private message in the perfect world official boards. "Level up games recently made some changes in their database. Please login to my.levelupgames.ph check if all your accounts are still intact. Thank you"
Victim clicks on the hyperlink of my.levelupgames.ph thinking it is an official address so the message must be valid. Unknown to him, the hyperlink leads to another website that looks exactly like the login screen of my.levelupgames.ph. He types in his username and password and those are just what the scammer needs to get the whole myLU account of the victim.

Scenario 1 makes use of the private message in game to attract the victim into the website. Scenario 2 makes use of the in game mail to lead the victim into the website. Scenario 3 uses the pwboards to trick the victim into typing his username and password. In scenario 3, the website looks exactly like the login screen of the official MyLU and that is the worst kind of website scam because you might not be able to get back your MyLU account.

To avoid being a victim of this scam, remember to check the website address and use the official perfect world website to click the official links just to be safe.

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