Marriage System and Frost City


Less than a month since the Dusk Palace patch was implemented, GM Chagatai hinted that there will be an incoming patch which involves wedding bells and cold wind from the north. For players who already know some future patches, this could only mean that the marriage system and the Frost City will come with the next patch. What's in it for us?

With the previous patch came the much awaited new flights, fashions and the dusk equipment and armors. The new dungeon, Dusk palace, introduced the solo mode and party modes. Unfortunately the dungeons can only be activated by level 60 and above players.

The frost city is no different from the dusk palace. The new equipment materials are dropped from the frost city dungeon and to get the high level equipment, you will also need to breakdown the low level equipment. It also has solo and party modes but to activate the party mode, you must have completed first the "Jade Ghost Town" quest given by the Jade Immortal at level 75. This means low level players will not be able to experience the new dungeon right away.

The good news for all players is the new mounts that was not included in the dusk palace patch. Knowing that the new flights cost 10,000 gold or approximately 500 pesos, players are half expecting the same cost for the new mounts. New fashion items will also be implemented and for fashion addicts, it means new collection. Too bad we can only have 80 items maximum in our inventory.

One thing i would like to highlight is the marriage system. Most people want the marriage system because it will mean that they can now marry their loved ones. What is not known to many is the fact that married couples can level and get fame faster than normal players. A married player can use the marriage wine to exchange for items that can give additional "crazy stone" quest or additional 20 fame. Sounds nice? Looks like many players are getting married now. The big question is… where do we get the marriage wine?

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