Rank 8 is too easy

Rank 8 is too easy.

Well sort of easy if you're from Dragon Server. I've witnessed player's names shouted in red by Wei Xiao Bao, saying that someone should be congratulated for earning the prestigious rank 8 badge. They should be congratulated by all means because 200,000 fame is such a freaking huge amount of fame. An average player, those who don't do Dark Sign hunting for a living, will eventually get to Rank 5 by level 90+. Rank 5 requires 10,000 fame. Now imagine 200,000 fame. I think Dragon Server holds the most number of Rank 8 characters, next is tiger and then serpent (is there anyone ranked 8 in Serpent?). In Dragon server, Holy Order of the Light (HOL) holds the most number of Rank 8 players, having 10 (and counting) players having rank 8 badge (a total of 2,000,000 fame!!) That would be a huge advantage if they are going to field all those 10 players in the Phoenix Council wars.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility (uncle Spidey!) Most rank 8 players are trash talked when players managed to kill them in PK, Duels or even TW. A few speculations were raised against HOL. They managed to get a lot of players to Rank 8 in a short amount of time. They said they have this magical dungeon where all monsters drop Dark Signs. Other say they used damage hacks so they can take more rounds on dungeons. Luckily, I had a chance to ask a HOL member that also hunts in dungeons. He/she just laughed to those accusations. He/she said that there are tricks and techniques to earn 200,000 fame. He/She also added that their hunters don't spend money to pay hunters because a good network of Loyal and Trustworthy friends are enough to gain that rank 8 badge.

But right now, having rank badges is not as prestigious as before. Any rank equipment below rank 7 could be matched by Dusk equipment and some level 12 Holy equipment. Come Moon-Valley and the Rank 8 ring would have met its match.

Rank 8 is still achievable, given that you have resources, time and guts to get there. So with a little bit of perseverance, a rank 8 award will be up for grabs.

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