Gold Rush and Mod Exp. Extended, retarded, whatever

Gold Rush and Mod Exp. Extended, retarded, whatever.

Everyone loves Modified experience week. It coincides with Yuan drop and item drop chances. Usually these are the weeks where you experience lags even during midnights due to the sheer number of players abusing the said exp mod. Hunters roam around dungeon for rare items. We've been having 2 weeks of modified exp. It's a good move from LU. I think this is a preparation for the incoming Moon-Valley Patch. It requires a level 95 character to enter the dungeon, so 2 weeks of modified experience should be sufficient for some players who wanted to try the new dungeon. The only thing I see negative is the lack of "advertisement" for the incoming new patch. I hope this doesn't become the next "Frost City" bomb (Bomb, in a negative way).


I've witnessed how players drooled over the Dusk palace patch. Dusk palace was so successful that it's items became the 'household equipment' in Perfect World Philippines. Next came the Frost city patch. Honestly, I don't think anyone gave attention to the Frost Patch. Has anyone seen an equipment from Frost Palace? I haven't. I mean, a lot of players felt that the frost city patch was rushed and it lost its appeal. It came along side the marriage patch and, coincidentally, to the LU Boss' (Colayco) marriage. The marriage system was a bit pointless, it doesn't give that much bonuses/surprises/advantages etc. It is Romantic for players who really are in-love but aside from that, it is nothing but additional expenses. Totaling 1000 Php, you get free garbage as gifts. Items exchanged for Fame/Yuan. Only married couples can buy Candies, a whooping 400 gold for 20 fame.

Anyway, you see what I mean? I hope that this time, it won't be ignored by players simply because they lack appeal or just too costly for players to obtain. The Patch comes with Fashion and hopefully, mounts.

Let's go to the Gold Rush event. We had three Gold rushes in one month. Three. That was an awful a lot of times compared to the previous months of Perfect World. It all started last September 17-19. After a week, it was back starting September 24-26 and was then extended to September 30. [Although a player said that the top up page just shows the 10% additional gold but it doesn't reflect in game]. To most players, that is a good sign. An average player will spend his Gold and convert it to yuan, while some players will buy gold, then use it for other things. I'm a part of that average player group. I spend Gold so I can have yuan. Right now, I think even the average Juan Dela Cruz have huge amounts of yuan due to the previous Lucky Star event and the sudden burst of economy. Would you load up if you still have money in game? Right now, it is an easy task to earn yuan. Just a few hunting sessions and you'll have millions in the bank.

So what does the Gold rush mean? It's Bad News. Perfect World is a free to play game and LU earns money here through Top-up. Few players loading up means loss of income. So LU counters by giving players bonuses when loading up. Extended Gold Rushes could very well mean that EVEN with Gold rushes, players don't top-up as much as they did before.

There you go, a few reminders on the recent events. I'm not a pessimist. These are just honest opinions from a gamer like you.

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