Almost there. Battle to the finals!

Almost there. Battle to the finals!

After 7 months of battle in the dynasty wars which started last February and 3 months of war for getting territories from April 20 to July 20, the players are now ready to see the best of the best battle it out in the greatest event of the year. Perfect World gamers endured months of frustrations, alliance break-ups and make-ups, backstabbings, disappointments, excitements and even surprises. All these fueled their excitements and determination to keep on getting ahead of others, learning from mistakes and getting stronger each day. For players who weren't able to get to the finals, the preparations for the battle next year have already started. For players who belong to the clans who will battle it out on October during the Level-Up! Live 2008: Rise of the Gaming Gods!, we see them sharpening their swords, learning new skills and practicing their strategies.

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Guardians’ Phoenix Council Warlords HolyOrder’s Phoenix Council Warlords
[wD]mae - Mae

To remember the past would mean to remember the disappointments of players. Some players made issues about the Dynasty wars and Territorial wars.

In Dynasty wars:
1) There was an issue regarding the same clan joining many DWars and sending in many teams in each DWar thereby monopolizing the battles. LU replied that any clan can send in their representatives so it was never an issue for LU if the same clan would send their team in each DWar event.
2) Another issue was the location of the Dwars event. In some events, the location would be changed in the last minute. So for some players who previously already decided that they will go, they would suddenly change their minds about going due to irritation or due to the new location itself.
3) One biggest issue was the event dates. This caused a major uproar in perfect world boards. The dates of the battle were scheduled during weekdays where most students and workers can't go. In LU's defense, they said that school should be prioritized and if the player can't come then a pilot should be called to use the said character. Unfortunately even with what LU said, most gamers won't let other people touch their characters as it would be an invitation to hacking. So the most obvious step would be to cut class or be absent from work.

In Territorial Wars:
1) The very main issue was the territorial scorings. Even if players and clans alike work hard to get a territory or defend their territory, anomalies in the scores kept up. Even up to the last minute, LU released an official scoresheet that made players furious. Doomsday of Serpent got in while Quad was bumped off. After many reactions from gamers, LU released a modified scoresheet that reflected Quad's 4th position. Unfortunately the tie in the Dragon Server wasn't recognized by LU.
2) Some clans complained about the strategy of self bid blocking. This tactic was used by certain clans who would create dummy clans to bid lands that they owned. This strategy was frowned by smalltime clans with no huge amount of money to bid with. As it is, they were always outbid by dummy clans.

But now, all of these are past. We still see bid blockings in territorial wars but it doesn't count in the scorings anymore so most clans don't bother with it. It is still part of their strategy anyway. Two clans emerged victorious and they are Dragon's Holy Order of the Light and Tiger's Guardians. Let's congratulate both of them for reaching this far. This is Holy Order's 2nd time to fight in the finals as they are the reigning champ and this is Guardian's first time. Now the big buzz that's been going around all servers of Perfect World.

Who will win? Can HOL defend their title or will Guardians be crowned as the new champion?

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