Item Efficiency: PW Style

Item Efficiency: PW Style

Right now, the Philippines is under an intense economic crisis. Even the Great United States is under recession. In some ways, we need to save our resources in game too. We'll be discussing about item efficiency. And of course, not everything written in here will be applicable to all situations.

Amulets: an extra breath

Amulets and Heirograms are one of player's best assets. They give you an additional 50% HP or 25% more mana in theory since they refill it once it reaches that percentage. There are 3 kinds of Amulets: Gold, silver and bronze. Each, like potions, have their respective prices and value. Again, we will be calculating the efficiencies of each items.

Bronze Amulet Silver Amulet Gold Amulet
Total Recovery: 100000
Gold Cost: 200
Efficiency Rate: 500 HP/gold
Total Recovery: 350000
Gold Cost: 600
Efficiency Rate: 583.33 HP/gold
Total Recovery: 600000
Gold Cost: 1100
Efficiency Rate: 545.45 HP/gold
Bronze Heirogram Silver Heirogram Gold Heirogram
Total Recovery: 150000
Gold Cost: 200
Efficiency Rate: 750 MP/gold
Total Recovery: 525000
Gold Cost: 600
Efficiency Rate: 875 MP/gold
Total Recovery: 900000
Gold Cost: 1100
Efficiency Rate: 818 MP/gold

Lo, and behold. Silver amulets/heirograms are the most efficient amulets in PW right now. Unless they reduce the Gold amulets' price, I'll stick with the more efficient Silver Class.

Pots Power!

Everyone uses Pots (Potions). Pots are divided into 3 Groups; The HP potions, the MP Potions and the Special Groups. Special Groups includes the Nine-Dragon pots and other crafted pharmacy items. First off, we'll check out the MP potions. Each potion ranges in price and recovery rate. Efficiency here will be number of points recovered compared to the yuan cost. We won't be including the recovery time because all potions have a 10 sec regeneration. Here's a sample

Small Spirit Potion Medium Spirit Potion Large Spirit Potion Refined Spirit Potion Perfect Spirit Potion Small Soul Water Medium Soul Water Large Soul Water
Recovers: 40mp (4mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 21
Efficiency Rate: 1.90 MP per yuan
Recovers: 100mp (10mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 63
Efficiency Rate: 1.58 per yuan
Recovers: 200mp (20mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 130
Efficiency Rate: 1.53 per yuan
Recovers: 330mp (33mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 240
Efficiency Rate: 1.37 per yuan
Recovers: 510mp (51mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 380
Efficiency Rate: 1.34 per yuan
Recovers: 730mp (73mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 570
Efficiency Rate: 1.28 per yuan
Recovers: 980mp (98mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 820
Efficiency Rate: 1.19 per yuan
Recovers: 1250mp (125mp/s)
Yuan Cost: 1200
Efficiency Rate: 1.04 per yuan

As you can see, MP potions lose their efficiency as it goes higher in level. If you want to save on potions, you may want to buy Potions lower than your level.Try using Perfect Spirit potions if you're level 60 instead of Large Soul waters. Level 60 Characters usually have a low maximum MP, so it's a waste if you 'over-fill" your mana. Of course, this would be a bit useless to MP-hungry characters like Fa Shihs and Yu lings. Same thing applies to HP potions.

There goes a few tips on how to save. Remember, high value doesn't always translate to efficiency.

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