Moon Valley here we come!

Moon Valley here we come!


After the unsuccessful Frost dungeon, we now welcome the arrival of the Moon Valley and the Rise of the Elder Gods dungeon. Level up has been promoting the coming of this new patch which will include the much awaited level 95 dungeon. Now some of you might say that the previous state was presumptuous but the equipment and the dungeon itself can't compare with the success of the dusk palace. The dusk palace provided array of equipment from level 60sh to level 100s whereas Frost provided equipment only for level 85sh. Now Moon valley will make its entrance and like Frost, it will provide a static level for its equipment. Level requirement of 95. How will this fare with the very successful Dusk?

A brief view of the Economy before the patch

A few weeks before this patch, Level up has already created one massive event after the other that resulted in some economic chaos. There was the auctioneer version of the lucky star which made ordinary players instant millionaires if not billionaires. That resulted in the growth of the exchange rate in yuan - gold trading with trades going as far as 2500 yuan / 1 gold. Since players have more in game money, less and less players top up to get gold. The prices of items and materials went up and ordinary materials which was worth 50k before the inflation was worth as much as 200% of its price during this inflation. To balance the economy Level Up's move to have a modified exp, drop and soul last Aug 26 - Sept 2, made some materials worth within means again. After 9 days of hiatus, Level up started their plans to launch the Moon Valley by implementing the modified exp, drop and soul again last Sept 11 until Sept 30. This caused quite a stir as players began to look forward for new items, fashion and what to expect. Some players sold their equipment and prices of dusk materials and molds started to go down. Level up also started the Gold Rush last Sept 17 ending also in Sept 30. Now players are feeling comfortable with the modified rates and the additional gold income. Prices are now almost the same as it was before the inflation started. If the frost dungeon is a success, dusk materials and holy molds would either be reduced to items that can be bought by regular players or super expensive as no one would hunt for the materials anymore.

What is Moon Valley?

The story of the Moon Valley began as a mysterious man claiming to be one of the Divine Children said that the gods are near at hand to help the people. The Divine children were preparing the coming of the gods in the four secret lands. Unfortunately no one has ever seen the Divine children and mortals have forgotten the passage of the Accord of the Enlightenment of the gods, this reduced the power of the gods and only when the curse have been lifted can the Elder Gods once again return to bring peace in the Perfect World. One of the entrances have been opened by this mysterious man and this is the Moon Valley.

What's in store for us with this new patch?


According to the LU-announced inclusion in the new patch, of course with a new patch comes new quests. LU already announced the inclusion of new fashion so for fashion addicts, time to pool your money again. There's also the new equipment but with a minimum level requirement of 95. This includes the to-die-for rings that could beat the rank 8 badge.

The things that are still unclear if it will be included are the talismans in the universal city furnaces. You know. The ones that look like charms that give boosts to a player's stats. Another unclear thing is the translations of the chinese characters or those dubbed as squares [NPCs/drops]. Will there be new flight and/or mounts? Still no word from LU. How about the continuation of in the game events like jungle relic or even the activation of the ever present quests above the wolf cub.

If LU releases answers to these questions, then players can really look forward to the new patch. For now, sit back and relax since the modified rates are nearing its end.

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