Perfect World's New Look

Perfect World's New Look


Recently, Perfect World Philippines relaunched its website with a new look. It now boasts of having new features like a monster database, updated item mall listings, new links for downloading the pw client, a territorial war standing, quest database and some other stuffs.

That's the good news. Now for the bad news. Some links are still not functioning, it takes time to load all the flash banners, the map does not depict the current situation of the servers, there are still many deadlinks and (i just really need to repeat it) it takes time to load the page due to the flash banners. It doesn't help at all if you don't have the flash activated since the navigation links are embedded there. Once you get an error, you will need to reload the main site which of course will load the flash banner again.

In any case, GM Meishen already announced:

We also would like to get your feedback with regards to the new website especially on the Item Mall, Monster and Quest Database so that we can make it more user-friendly and functional. Those comments and suggestion are very much appreciated.

So kudos to the perfect world team although they were not able to give this last June as they originally planned, they still delivered.

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