Perfect World Events

A Different kind of Event

To promote the game CrazyKart, LU decided some crossover events. They have done so in other games and for our game Perfect World, it was supposed to be slated for August 14. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen events, it was moved to Aug 28-29. Basically the crossover was done the other day.

Checking at the idea, there are some pros and cons on it.

1. It gives us an exciting break from the usual grind and hunt life of Perfect World.
2. We get the awards in our Perfect World yet the game we played was not that Perfect World.
3. It gives us a different platform to the otherwise ordinary event of Perfect World.

1. It's an obvious marketing strategy to promote LU's other game
2. Expect the prizes to be late again as some previous events' awards were still not given.
3. Only a few players can participate

To be honest, i don't see how it will promote Perfect World. With series of old events such as Lucky Star 1, Lucky Star 2, Lucky Star 3 (Auctioneer edition), The Lost Foreigner, The return of the Lost Foreigner and some more others. If this event still wasn't enough to push CrazyKart up, then it will most likely have a follow up event adding to the event series of LU.

On the funny note with regards to events, if the alien got lost in Perfect World in the first story of the Lost Foreigner event then shouldn't she be NOT lost when she has returned for the 2nd part of the series?

Modified Exp, Souls and Yuan, prequel to a new patch

Looks like Level up has been making progress in bringing us the latest update of Perfect World China. Not too long ago, the latest patch which included the auto suspension, additional items in the item mall and some language translations was implemented. Now we're going to be on a lookout for a new patch again.

Level Up! Perfect World Online PhilippinesGood news heroes of Perfect World!

Amidst the turmoil across the land lies a place of untold mysteries. With Moon Valley now within sight, we must strive harder to reach perfection fitting for heroes of the Perfect World. Experience 1.5 EXP, SOUL and Item Drop from August 26 till September 2, 2008, 12 noon and prove that heroes such as you are ready for the challenge that is Moon Valley and the Rise of the Elder Gods.

Kudos to Level up PW team. For now let's enjoy! ^_^

Gamers gear up for the Film Fest

Last time a film won about Perfect World, it was the only entry. This was the June entry of the Player content program of level up games.

Now a time for us to shine again. Level up recently announced the official LU Live Film Festival. Check out below.

Create a short film inspired by any Level Up! Game, and get a chance to be seen and heard by the gaming community! Show off your creativity and directing style!
Win as much as 20,000 Pesos! and 200,000 Gold for Perfect World! Example below.

It seems too good to be true right? For us to win 20k pesos and getting 200k gold in game. What's the catch? If you check the mechanics, LU said they are going to choose 10 films. Note that this films can span all of their games. So the announcement of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in Perfect World might mean nothing if no PW entry got to top 10.

Good luck to all entries.

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