Rags to riches: Buy and Sell or breakdown?

Rags to riches: Buy and Sell or breakdown?

Hi, welcome to the Rags to Riches today we shall be discussing the auctioneer buy and sell strategy. Yep, same thing applies in Perfect World: Buy low, sell high. Its the only rule of strategic marketing, The difference between them is your income. The higher it is, the better.

Ok, so how do we abuse the auctioneer. Remember that a lot of players sell items through the auctioneer. Try to check the auctioneer as often as you can. Some players tend to get reckless and sell worthy items for just a few bucks. Example, my brother saw this baldric at around 3 million yuan. It was a three star level 85 baldric with incomplete mdef. Sounds trash right, but we ain't finished. Stat: HP + 120, HP + 120 Con +6. See, that alone gives my Wuxia 330 HP. I'm not really fond of MDEF so this item suits me up perfectly. Last time I checked, a player was trying to buy it from me for 10 million yuan. Other players from my brother's guild appraised it at around 20m yuan. So our 3m investment turned out to be a gem hidden in the trash. Another item we got was a level 81 wand. It has chant -6, matk and Con stat, Already upgraded to +2 and has a level 8 gemstone. Price: 3.5m yuan. Maybe it's selling price won't be as high as my previous baldric but with a Dusk Palace-like stats, this should easily sell around 5m+.

You see what I meant? Some players doesn't know how to price their items. Shop around UC/DC and the auctioneer and you'll probably get some bargain. Another person's mistake is an opportunity at hand. How bout a 2 star level 89 double hammer with Violent Warrior and attack stats and 2 slots with stones for 1m yuan? Yup, big time mistake. 10m turned 1m, 20m turned 2m, 1m turned 100k and the likes. Some may say that this is an immoral way of doing business. You might have your conscience prevent you from purchasing the item. Remember it's your loss, or their loss. In the capitalistic world of PW, I choose the latter.

Another thing that players forget is immortal stones from 3 star/holy items. I don't have the exact calculations but some players tend to sell too low which they could have earned more by simply breaking them down. Check blessed symbols every now and then. You'll see players selling 2 slotted Leggings of Brahma for 400k. A bargain for an item that is rarely used nowadays. Ok, how bout buying it and breaking it down? Repairs and breakdown shouldn't cost you much, This leggings will give you around 7 immortal stones. With the inflated price of 100k ea, this should give you around 300k difference, minus the repairs and breakdown fee, net should be around 250k yuan. Same thing applies to 3 star items. level 78/88 rings produce around 4-5 immortal stones, so anything sold around 300k should give you income.

That's for this week. Buy low sell high, their loss is your gain. Don't get too moral in the game. It is an opportunity knocking on your door.

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