PW Economics

The Survey Sheet: PW Economics

A warrior in a dark alley waiting for his chance. He summoned all his power and wished for ultimate luck!

He got a one star helm with no slots.

It's been a week [or so] since the lucky star event started. A lot of skeptics were saying that the said event will, ultimately, destroy the economic status of all servers. The show must go on and the players crafted their helms and auctioned them, crossing their fingers hoping their crafted gems will be replaced by huge amounts of yuan.

Now for the economy.

Two thousand yuan is to one gold. Yup, 700 yuan more than the median price of 1200. It was expected. With huge purchasing power around, players cant help but abuse the current status of the server. Item price boomed to all time high. I'll give a few samples. Lin Yun's Ring was back to 20m+ price range, same with bloody ghast. Loudspeakers went to a whooping 210k each. Immortal stones rose from 60k to 100k each.

We experimented on this situation and we got what we wanted. We raised Thousand Machine Part's price to 100k and players can't help but buy from us. It was a nightmare coming true. A lot of items were severely overpriced. The bad thing is that not all players were able to sell their headgears. Other players were left in the dust, envious of those players who earned as much as 200m yuan. Some reportedly got 2 billion yuan, tell us about imbalance.

Anyway, I think LU! was alarmed by the current situation so they came up with the idea to counter the said inflation: Sutra Soul, Exp and item. Surely, modified item drop will increase the supply so it can balance out with the huge demand for rare items. Right now, we can't say that the economy will go back to it's original 1300 yuan to 1 gold ratio. It will take a few weeks, or maybe months, or stabilize the economy. Let's just hope that we won't be seeing this in the future.

"S>TMP, 250k each, rush na po!

I've chosen zidlakan and whinkz post for the survey. Again, they have given us in-depth analysis of the current situation. I won't be posting a new survey this week, maybe on the next tribune.

Note: Guys, your 1m prize will be a bit delayed, but I'll send it to ASAP.

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