Wars Schmars

Wars Schmars

With the Perfect World's National Tournament fast approaching its final episode, many people now awaits who will be the next champions. Gamers, who are vying to play for a chance to play at the Phoenix Council Wars, and players alike are looking forward to the match of a lifetime. The very battle that would determine who will be hailed as the best among the best.


After months of preparations, the tournament schedules were announced last week of July.

Battle for Dynasty War Finalists

Sept 2 (Tuesday) - GMA Warlord Elimination
Sept 3 (Wednesday) - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Warlord Elimination
Sept 6 (Saturday) - Luzon, GMA, Visayas and Mindanao Warlord Semifinals / Finals

Battle for Warlords

September 8 - Match up draw
September 9 - 10 (Tuesday - Wednesday )

Find anything questionable? Let's add more. All tournaments start at 12 noon and might end up to 10 in the evening. Most gamers are students and employees who have studies or work during weekdays. So the only way they can attend would be to be absent from work and/or school.

According to the valid points raised by zyphax and Rosenbaum at the pwboards,


weekday pa talaga ginawa ang dwars. Di man lang naisip na may mga students/workers na mahihirapan dahil sa ganyan.


prang napaka unfair naman po sa side ng may work and student na kasali sa tournament, bakit hindi n lng i set ng Weekends kung kelan available lahat ng participants pra sa tournament na to. like last year it was held every weekends

LUG tournament yan pde kau mag assign ng technician na papasok sa weekend, kasi Tournament Event yan. mga tambay lng or mga BUM lang ang hindi ma apektuhan sa sched na ganyan.

To which GM Chagatai answered:

Sorry if you're all having trouble with the dwars schedules. Education / work should still be everyone else's priority and I wouldn't allow players for dwars to skip school or work just to attend the elims.

It just happens na fully booked ang weekends namin for the whole month with out of town events like dwars or battle arena.

Let's accept the facts that to be able to compete properly with their best players, each clan would encourage their teammates to be absent from school, take a leave from work or just pretend to be sick for the duration of the tournament. This is reality and even though Level up wants to encourage gamers to give school their priority (like their program honor roll), their actions speak otherwise.

So why would players complain just now when the tournaments are nigh a week a way? Based from past experiences, Level up always change something at the last minute. Like the venue change of the D-wars for September 3, announced just the day before. Level up also tend to forget past conversations and promises, like the pending prizes so overdue that the players decided to leave it at it. In effect players know that the best course of action would be to voice out their complaints a few days before the said events because 1) The GMs are likely to check their reactions, 2) The GMs could change something to the players' favor, 3) The affected players only check the schedules when they know they will be a part of the event.

A forumer named gambitian provided an alternative. He said that all events can be handled during the weekends. Why not make the tournament battles fight at the same time? There are four arenas in Perfect World namely Sword City, Feather City, Beast City, and Dragon City arena. Have 2 GMs officiate each arena with some selected bouncers (can be immortals or ordinary players). With each arena holding a battle at the same time, all match ups will be done in no time.


If you are really concerned of our education and work, you should reconsider this.

One player from Tiger already voiced out that he will not attend. How many more didn't speak up? We can only take a guess.

sorry finals namin bukas.

LU always create discussion areas for each of their events or news. But if you ask the players, the discussion areas are only for players to voice out their praises as negative comments were always deleted or ignored.

Xiao Feng summed it up with his own comment which is somewhat the same view of most players.

For me, if you can't handle the events at a convenient time for the players, then you've bitten off more than you can chew.

The results of the Dynasty Wars will be showcased in your biggest event in the year. That's Level Up Live. It is one of the road to the finals of the biggest tournament in the game so I think it should get the most priority.

The inability to take that into consideration when scheduling other events tempts me to say something unflattering that will probably get me banned from the boards. You promote a balance of school, work, and gaming with a scholar program sometime back and other activities and then come out with something like this. This does not smack of responsible gaming to me. I've been playing your games since they came out and I laud the social responsibility you try to tack onto them.

I understand the need to reach out to the biggest population of gamers as possible that's why you have these other events but remember the results of the main event are going to be showcased in your big event and as top gamers in their server or region they will be set up as examples and viewed by the general gaming population there as such.

I'm sure you get the message and I could go on and on but it will be like I'm just regurgitating the ideas.

To the Immortals & Game Moderators, if you see this before they (community management) do please forward this to them.

P.S. Please don't give me this reply:
QUOTE: You are not forced to go. You could lose by default or hire a pilot if you must.

You'll destroy the tournament that way. It's a contest of players and characters that they have. This is like Cyber Athletics and an athlete doesn't simply hire some sub. At the same time it won't be as exciting, your cyber athlete substitutes will probably not be at par with the real users. Your disclaimer to change the mechanics on the fly gives you a lot of leeway but it will turn off a lot of players if you mess with it too much.

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