Perfect World Tribune Volume 12

Perfect World's New Look

Recently, Perfect World Philippines relaunched its website with a new look. It now boasts of having new features like a monster database, updated item mall listings, new links for downloading the pw client, a territorial war standing, quest database and some other stuffs.

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Rags to riches: Buy and Sell or breakdown?

Hi, welcome to the Rags to Riches today we shall be discussing the auctioneer buy and sell strategy. Yep, same thing applies in Perfect World: Buy low, sell high. Its the only rule of strategic marketing, The difference between them is your income. The higher it is, the better.

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Wars Schmars

With the Perfect World's National Tournament fast approaching its final episode, many people now awaits who will be the next champions. Gamers, who are vying to play for a chance to play at the Phoenix Council Wars, and players alike are looking forward to the match of a lifetime. The very battle that would determine who will be hailed as the best among the best.

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PW Economics

A warrior in a dark alley waiting for his chance. He summoned all his power and wished for ultimate luck!

He got a one star helm with no slots.

It's been a week [or so] since the lucky star event started.

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Buknoy and co.
Perfect World Events

A Different kind of Event

To promote the game CrazyKart, LU decided some crossover events. read more

Prequel to a new patch

Looks like Level up has been making progress in bringing us the latest update of Perfect World China. read more

Gamers gear up for the Film Fest

Last time a film won about Perfect World, it was the only entry. read more

Wuxia DPS: The scientific approach to damage per second

Hi, the Wuxia class is one hell of an interesting character class. It is the only race that could use 4 types of weapons, each weapon class having its own set of skills. Each weapon has it attack power, the thing everyone see's every time. And there is attack speed, something that is neglected by most players in Perfect World. Attack speed is your number of attacks per second.
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