A 'HOL' new world

A 'HOL' new world

Last year the Holy Order of the Lightâ„¢ (HOL) clan represented the Dragon server in the Phoenix Council War 2007 or previously known as the Battle of the Jade Nightingale. After winning in 2007 as the first Perfect World champion, their clan became known in all servers and with it came the new members who wanted to join their ranks. Unfortunately like all clans, this clan was also not spared from clan issues. Khanum stepped down and with it, some members laid low too. They took a hard beating against Celestial who conquered their major town Beast City to the point that even after how many territorial wars they were not able to reclaim it. After the fall of the Beast city, their clanmaster SFX left and with him, some of the high leveled members of the clan. Some were asking then if that was the end of HOL's power.

When the Phoenix Council War started, HOL was just bid blocking their lands and playing it safe each territorial war. Their clan's name was silent as they were not involved in major battles. However the clan members' names started to ring soundly over the land. One by one, a new rank 8 player would emerge. For people in dragon, they would recognize that player to be a HOL member.

When the Warlords fight begun, almost all 10 members of the HOL party were rank 8. This proved to be an advantage against other clans that at the end of the battle, HOL emerged victorious once again as the Dragon Server champ.

There's a saying that goes, "life is like a wheel, sometimes you're down and sometimes you're up". With HOL, their wheel is certainly up right now. They were able to reclaim Beast City at least and defend their title as the server champ too. What more can they ask for?

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