Active GM Clan in Serpent

Active GM clan in Serpent

Ordinary players are now being invited to join the Imperial clan (GM Clan) in Serpent server. This was mainly due to the event Revenge of the Jade Throne that was implemented sometime ago only in this server. GM SamHok already answered the first question most people would think of, "why only serpent?" His answer was Yes, for now. Serpent's population is not as big as the 1st 2 servers. Thus, we want to see how this Story Arc will go before shipping it to the BIG Servers.. Only his answer triggered more questions from the players. Imagine you being a member of the clan with real game masters in it. What more can a person ask right?

People say that having a GM joining in a clan would mean an advantage for their members. So this is a new twist. A GM clan with ordinary players joining it. Some questions still remain unanswered. What will players get in leaving their current clan and joining the GM Clan? Of course they won't turn into GMs themselves but would they get free potions, amulets or item mall items? Will this clan join territorial wars? If yes, will the GMs use their power to their advantage? Who can the players ask to be invited and how can interested players join?

According to LU, they are still polishing some details but they already have plans for the GM Clan. Serpent players should look forward to it. This event is just the first step and there will be more events that both average joes and famous players can join in. For now, let's wait for the announcement.

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