The issue in Tiger

The issue in Tiger

For the past few territorial wars, the Tiger server experienced a very heated debate regarding the 5383 damage and the so-called cheats and hacks. From our last tribune, we mentioned the news regarding the insertion of an Auto-suspention code for modified clients and 3rd-party program users. So what is this issue all about?

In the past, it has been said that some players from Guardians were banned due to usage of 3rd party programs. Although their clanmembers deny this, some sources (well-known programmers forum - don't ask) say that Guardians has access to most if not all hacks and cheats in the Perfect World.

With the implementation of the auto suspension code, 3rd party programs and hacks were supposedly minimized if not totally elimitaed. So when a member from the Exiled clan brought up the issue of the 5383 damage. The old rumors rise again.


The Exiled members want an explanation for this image. Looking at it, one can wonder how four people of different jobs could deal the same exact damage. They are claiming that the Guardians used 3rd party programs to deal that exact amount against an enemy's hit points. In Guardian's defense, they are claiming that it could be the EXiled member who was using the 3rd party program to be able to sustain an exact amount of damage.

You would think that 30+ pages of heated debate would turn something up for the better. No. On the other hand, it turned up three baffling screenshots from a complaint of a Guardian's member.

1 2 3

If you look closely at the first two screenshots, you would see the player being killed by someone whose damage did NOT even appear on the screen. The last screenshot is kind of questionable as his life is greater than the damaged dealt him but he was killed anyway.

In view of these screenshots, one could think that the rumors are actually true. The rumors that the 3rd party programs still exist in game. What can LU do about these evidences? Players already submitted the images to the LU CS but as of presstime, no replies yet. What happened to the auto-suspension system that was previously announced? Some even kid around now. Photoshop anyone?

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