Command and Conquer: PW Edition

Command and Conquer: PW Edition

Lands: symbol of Power, Source of strength and income. Land are good assets, depending on where they are located. In Perfect World, the same aspect applies to all. Territories are the most sought after glory in Perfect World. The more land you have, the more powerful your clan is.

We've come up with a survey, asking if there should be a limit on the number of lands that certain clans could occupy. An overwhelming number of players were saying that there should not be a limit. Truly enough, the game is mainly focused on domination, TOTAL Domination. The main goal is to conquer lands, no holds barred. (Excludes jump hacks and other cheats). Alliances can be formed to secure positions on the map, but they usually end into bitter rivalries.

I'll try to come up with the Pro's and Con's on this issue.

- Limited lands will limit total domination. We, as a democratic country, are unconsciously shouting for equality. Remember that we shout 'foul' when only two clans holds all the lands? Same thing in our life. We love freedom, we love equality, and we bring those qualities into the game. It a good thing that we want to live a peaceful and equal life in the game. But it's a game, and our purpose in the game is to conquer, not unite. We can be pricks and A#$holes in the game but that should be taken too seriously. I've managed to play international games and you'll see there the meanest and the most annoying characters you'll ever meet. But they are friendly, peace loving people when you meet them in person. Not quite the same here in our country.

- Limiting the does give other clans/players the chance to participate in Town wars and may actually achieve something good. Yes, big clans have earned those lands, but having only a few 'elites' holding the lands does not bring more players into the game. A rookie player can only watch as Elite Clans wage their war against each other, while all he does is watch his boring clan mates chat in the Clan chat box.

But then, limiting the lands will make other players feel bored about this game. If you've conquered the max number of lands available, then it's game over. It's the final goal and there is nothing left to do. We talk about greed about this game, but it's just merely the survival of the fittest. Everyone's favorite quote is "Only the strong shall live and the weak shall perish". That applies to everyone.

In the end, lands symbolizes power and nothing else. You may want to add other spices like unity, brotherhood but it all comes back to power. Everybody loves power, and it's addictive, VERY ADDICTIVE. Having limited or unlimited lands have their own advantages, it now depends on how the people reacts on it.

Now, if only they could do something about those freaking dummy clans… >_<

I've chosen whinkz opinion about the survey, I love your post. You went beyond the "Survival of the fittest" theme. I'll send you the yuan when I have them.

zidlakan, nice story there, I was laughing after reading it.

STARDEL, nice point of view, you even used our history for your post, keep it up.

And for everyone who joined the survey, I thank you, do join the next survey!

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