Rags to Riches: Gold management 101

Rags to Riches: Gold management 101

Hi, welcome to yet another edition of rags to riches. We have discussed, so far, some ways on getting rich in the game.

Sadly enough, most of them requires you to have a high leveled character to achieve them. To make it fair, we shall discuss another way of earning, starting at level 1. Yes, level 1. It's the infamous Ingot Trading section, we'll look on this further.

Ever heard of stock exchange? Perfect World has it's own version of stock exchange. It's called Ingot Gold Trading. Every point of gold you load up through LU cards etc has its' corresponding value in the game. If you look at the Ingot Trading window, you'll see gold buyers and gold sellers. We spend most of our time at the buyer's side, selling every point of gold and exchange it to yuan. Always calculate your earnings, every point of yuan/gold counts. Include tax in your calculations, it messes your earnings when you forget that tiny 2% tax.

Remember PW is still has an economy that goes up and down? Same thing goes in the real world and that's how people get rich. Buy Low, sell High, Rinse and Repeat. Every now and then, the gold trading in PW fluctuates like a madman. It usually goes up during official events from LU that requires a player to spend gold. I've witnessed gold value increase from 1200 to sky high 2000.

Ok, how do we do it? First, pick the best time to haul gold from the Auctioneer. If you have yuan to spend then it's good for you, otherwise, you'll need to spend some money to load up and use it as your capital. You don't have to buy massive amounts of gold in one sitting. You can start saving up every now and then. Just wait for the perfect time to sell your stocks. Try to sell you gold when it's 2000 yuan higher than the average price in the market. Remember, the mean average price of gold varies on each server. It started out at 400 each(!) then went to 1200 and then up to 1300. Right now, prior to the LU event, the gold value is pretty much unstable. It's quite difficult to buy gold at lower prices so its better not to buy them right now. Wait for the economy to balance itself. value for items today are too high, not really the best time to start a business.

Playing the gold market is a high risk-high reward business. Not everyone has the skill to survive this scheme, but all those who knows how to play the market, they certainly have a bright future ahead of them.

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