The Best of 'em All

The best of 'em all

After the hula baloo with the anomaly in the territorial war scoring, in the end Level Up still had the last say. The battle has ended for Dragon server and we now have the clan Holy Order of the Lightâ„¢ for 2 consecutive years to represent their server.


Although the battle is not yet done in Serpent, whoever may win the finals round will still represent the same clan 8kM. No wonder they are considered the strongest clan in Serpent with almost half the map domination.


The most heated battle yet to come is on for tonight (as of presstime). Guardians vs Exiled. This could be the fight of the season as GM Chagatai mentioned that the people in this server don't seem to promote unity unlike the other servers. The big question is, will the tiger server population support their winning team?


The battle might've ended but the path closer to the PHOENIX COUNCIL WAR has just begun for these three champions. Look at the prices and drool.

  • 1 st Place
    • Cash : 200,000.00 PHP
    • Phoenix Council of 2008 (Honorary Immortals)
    • In-game
      • (20) Blue Sea Dragon Ball (+10)
      • 20,000 Fame Each Tournament Participant
      • + 12 Trophy Weapon crafted by GM Justice
  • 2 nd Place
    • Cash : 100,000.00 PHP
    • In-game
      • (20) +9 Dragon Ball
      • 15,000 Fame Each Tournament Participant
  • 3 rd and 4 th Place
    • Cash : 25,000.00 PHP
    • In-game
      • (20) +8 Dragon Ball
      • 10,000 Fame Each Tournament Participant
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