Perfect World Tribune Volume 11

The best of 'em all

After the hula baloo with the anomaly in the territorial war scoring, in the end Level Up still had the last say. The battle might've ended but the path closer to the PHOENIX COUNCIL WAR has just begun for these three server champions.

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Rags to Riches: Gold management 101

Hi, welcome to yet another edition of rags to riches. We have discussed, so far, some ways on getting rich in the game.

Sadly enough, most of them requires you to have a high leveled character to achieve them. To make it fair, we shall discuss another way of earning, starting at level 1. Yes, level 1. It's the infamous Ingot Trading section, we'll look on this further.

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Command and Conquer: PW Edition

Lands: symbol of Power, Source of strength and income. Land are good assets, depending on where they are located. In Perfect World, the same aspect applies to all. Territories are the most sought after glory in Perfect World. The more land you have, the more powerful your clan is.

We've come up with a survey, asking if there should be a limit on the number of lands that certain clans could occupy. Here we combine the best answers.

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We want to hear your opinions. You could earn one million yuan in game. Read further to join our Survey.

Do you think that the Lucky Star Event - House Edition will deteriorate the economic status of the Perfect World Servers in the long run?

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Buknoy and co.
Mini-news about the servers

Issue in Tiger

For the past few territorial wars, the Tiger server experienced a very heated debate regarding the 5383 damage and the so-called cheats and hacks. From our last tribune, we mentioned the news regarding the insertion of an Auto-suspention code for modified clients and 3rd-party program users. So what is this issue all about?
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Active GM Clan in Serpent

Ordinary players are now being invited to join the Imperial clan (GM Clan) in Serpent server. This was mainly due to the event Revenge of the Jade Throne that was implemented sometime ago only in this server.
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A 'HOL' new world

Last year the Holy Order of the Lightâ„¢ (HOL) clan represented the Dragon server in the Phoenix Council War 2007 or previously known as the Battle of the Jade Nightingale.
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