Surprise Patch

Surprise Patch

It was a surprise. On July 29, GM Samhok announced in the boards that there will be a new patch on July 31 that will include a new mount, flight devices and some other stuffs in the item mall and of course some little extra. The news spread like wildfire because it would mean new content.

Item Mall: The big question was How much would the new items cost?

People started selling their old stuffs to buy the new items. Most gamers, including me, were expecting an extravagant price for the new items. Maybe around 10k gold just like last time. Well we got our answer. After the patch, we logged in and found out the high cost of flaunting the new look.

Here’s the list of new Items:
Flight - 11,800 Gold or 590 php

* Sword – Temujin
* Wing – Seraphim
* Beast – Tiamat

Mount - 9,000 Gold or 450 php

* Fortunate Kylin

Battle Pet - 320,000 Gold or 16,000 php

* Phoenix Pinion
* Source of Might

Dragon Balls

* 1-Star Dragon Ball (10pcs) - 4,000 Gold or 200 php
* 2-Star Dragon Ball - 1,600 Gold or 80 php
* 2-Star Dragon Ball (10pcs) - 16,000 Gold or 800 php
* 3-Star Dragon Ball - 4,000 Gold or 200 php
* 3-Star Dragon Ball (10pcs) - 40,000 Gold or 2,000 php
* 4-Star Dragon Ball - 10,000 Gold or 500 php
* 5-Star Dragon Ball - 24,000 Gold or 1,200 php

For normal students, this would mean using up their earnings for the past year and possibly more. Even for an employee, this would be too much. Imagine buying one legendary pet would cost you around 2 months salary for minimum wage earners. Ouch! The best item that a normal gamer would buy that is within means is the new mount or new flight device. But you know what? Someone already bought a legendary pet. 2 pets actually. Ohh the price a person would pay just to own a strong pet. It boggles the mind.

Auto suspension of 3rd party and modified clients

A related article written for the modified client shows how people reacted to the inclusion of this code in the patch.

Clan Logos

Yep you read that right! After the bungled up logos last Dusk Palace patch, clans were delighted to see their logos above their avatars. It was a sight to behold for even the unknown little clans have their personalized clan logos in game. We still don't have the capability to change the clan logo at will just like other games (like ragnarok) but at least this is a start.


Squares. I was half expecting that the descriptions would be there for the new skills and new items. Some items now have names including the materials for the new skills — Damaged Elder Scroll, Chapter of Eternity and Handmade Ink. The official perfect world website mentioned an error in the descriptions of the Rainbow skills of the Yao Jing. Checking it in game, the skills still have no description in the skill menu. As of post time, i have yet to get the new skills. Maybe if you have that certain skill, the actual description would be seen and not the annoying [][][][] squares anymore.


This mini patch is really a surprise for PW players. We were really not expecting it. The prices, the new items, the auto suspension, the clan logos and even the [][][][] descriptions. In this line of thought, we're now expecting the next patch to come within the next few months and not the next few years. Let's hope LU will keep this new content going.

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