Rags to Riches: Employee Edition

Rags to Riches: Employee Edition

Rags to Riches: Employee Edition

What the hell? Employee? Aren't we supposed to be playing, not working?!? Keep it cool guys, we're 'working' for yuan, and that's how it's gonna be. Let us 'work for money' in this virtual world.

Note though, this one applies mostly on high level character [80 - 90, depending on the employer]. There are two, or possibly three instances on when a player can be an employee.

First off, Dark Sign hunters. Yes, you need party mates to be able to hunt DSs (Dark Sign). Some players are willing to spend yuan to get to that prestigious Rank 8 class. Certain players have their own rules of DS hunting, but most of the time, your employer will be the one to provide the potions. Salary may vary, according to the terms given by the main hunter. Some pay one million yuan per run while others pay ten thousand yuan per DS. You do the math. Hunt-to-pay usually happens in Hell or Heaven. Comes the patch, players tend to choose Hell and Heaven Arcadia. These dungeons have bosses, and again, it depends on your employer whether you will kill or let the boss go. If you did kill the boss, usually the Main Hunter will let his employees decide on who will get the molds/items. They tend to give it to the person who needs it the most (SCS for Mage types, Heavy Armors to Melee fighter etc.).

Another way of being an employee is through Dusk Palace. Yep, some monsters are pretty tough and it usually requires a full party to kill them. Dusk Hunters are paid per run. Again, the Main Hunter pays for your pots and to some point, even amulets. Most of the time, players are looking for party mates to face the Ancient Annihilator. Be ready for the battle of your life! Sometimes it takes more than one run to satisfy your employer, so keep giving them a good impression so they'll keep looking for you.

Frost City is another possible hunting Ground, but it's not quite explored like Dusk, we'll just get back on this once we have more information about it.

There, just a few tips on how to earn money. Remember, do your best, keep them impressed and you'll probably become their main employee for quite a while.

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