Almost Bye Bye Cheaters

Almost Bye Bye Cheaters


It was said that no online game will ever be free of game bots, exploits, hacks and cheats and even entire games being used without permission for private servers. We have forums galore that discuss these. Some even provide programs for hacking and modifying the game to certain players' advantage.

One distinguishing mark that Perfect World can boast about is the almost virtually bot-free game. The keyword is "almost" because bots do exist in game but they function better for certain classes only. Other jobs are better off grinding without using a bot. This is quite true because even the Perfect World China version still enjoys almost bot-free servers.

Last July 31, LU implemented another patch that is better than gameguard protection. It auto suspends any user for logging in using using a modified client.

To say that the community was surprised by it is an understatement. Nobody suspected this code inclusion so many 3rd party/mod client users just patched their modified clients just like normal or some patched their unmodified clients and modified it after the patch. Thus these people got suspended and for some players who play fair, this is what they call justice. Rants and rave alike in the discussion area in the perfect world boards reached 5 pages on its 1st day alone. Checking some clan forums, players who deleted their original unmodified client began asking around for a copy. It seems even if the modified version was patched, it was still considered a modified client.

If the login screen can show the number of players currently online, for sure the numbers drastically dropped. Vendors disappeared and even strong players were not seen walking nor dueling anymore. Players should be happy about this since it would make the gameplay fair. Unfortunately, not all players are glad about the turn of events. Some ranted that they were suspended for no reason at all. Others complain that the shop they're playing were using modified clients and they didn't know about it so they're claiming they were suspended unjustly.

So did this patch strike terror on the 3rd party or modified client users? To be honest, i don't think it did. For one, forums regarding hacks and cheats began to work for a work around of the patch. Another thing is the time it takes for a player to be suspended. When tested, It shows that a player can get suspended in a little time as 15 minutes and it can be as long as 4 hours. Jungle Relic players know that it will take only 5 minutes to get the "eye of the jungle" if you are using a modified client. So even if the person is suspended, he already got the EOJ. Same with using a modified client in a territorial war. The person can be suspended in as fast as 15 minutes but if it will take 4 hours, then they could tide the battle to their advantage never mind the fact that they'll be suspended after the war.

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