Perfect World Tribune Volume 10

Almost Bye Bye Cheaters

It was said that no online game will ever be free of game bots, exploits, hacks and cheats and even entire games being used without permission for private servers. Last July 31, LU implemented another patch that is better than gameguard protection. It auto suspends any user for logging in using using a modified client.

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Rags to Riches: Employee Edition

What the hell? Employee? Aren't we supposed to be playing, not working?!? Keep it cool guys, we're 'working' for yuan, and that's how it's gonna be. Let us 'work for money' in this virtual world.

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Revamp: for better not for worse

It was the first time I've put up a survey sheet here, and it seemed to have generated interest from our viewers. I was planning to collate all the opinions on the previous tribune and possibly build my own article.

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We want to hear your opinions. You could earn one million yuan in game. Read further to join our Survey.

Question: Should there be a limit on the number of lands that clans could occupy?

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Buknoy and co.
Surprise Patch

It was a surprise. On July 29, GM Samhok announced in the boards that there will be a new patch on July 31 that will include a new mount, flight devices and some other stuffs in the item mall and of course some little extra. The news spread like wildfire because it would mean new content.

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