Perfect World Tribune Volume 1

Marriage System and Frost City
Less than a month since the Dusk Palace patch was implemented, GM Chagatai hinted that there will be an incoming patch which involves wedding bells and cold wind from the north. For players who already know some future patches, this could only mean that the marriage system and the Frost City will come with the next patch. What's in it for us? read more
Avoiding Scams
(Issue 1/6)
In every game that we play which involves human interaction, it is not rare to encounter people scamming and people being scammed. In this game Perfect World, this not-so-perfect environment can ruin the game for some people. Although there is a customer support and game masters that help the victims, prevention is still better than the more
Review: Ghast, the perfect Axe
Here we are in the first edition of PW in review.
On our first topic, we shall be discussing one, if not the best weapon in PW: the Bloody Ghast
Since the start of PW, the BG [Bloody Ghast] has been regarded as the best pound for pound weapon for Yaoshous, Wuxias and, to some extent, Yaojings. The BG outclassed its cheap, yet effective cousin: the BM [Great Maul of the Black Iron].read more
Interview: Mahado
"No matter where it takes root, it shall rise above all… that's the will of the Lotus." That is the motto of the Lotus of the Dragon Server. I interrupted Lotus' clanmaster for a quick interview.

Hi Folks
Welcome the the first edition of THE BUZZ!! [joke]
I'm here with the Great Lotus Clan Master, Mahado. aka Drew
Wei Sa Baw: Hi Drew…

Wei Sa Baw: Hi Drew….

Wei Sa Baw: Drew?…
read more

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