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Moon Valley here we come!

After the unsuccessful Frost dungeon, we now welcome the arrival of the Moon Valley and the Rise of the Elder Gods dungeon. Level up has been promoting the coming of this new patch which will include the much awaited level 95 dungeon.

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Item Efficiency: PW Style

Right now, the Philippines is under an intense economic crisis. Even the Great United States is under recession. In some ways, we need to save our resources in game too.

We'll be discussing about item efficiency. And of course, not everything written in here will be applicable to all situations.

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Gold Rush and Mod Exp. Extended, retarded, whatever.

Everyone loves Modified experience week. It coincides with Yuan drop and item drop chances. Usually these are the weeks where you experience lags even during midnights due to the sheer number of players abusing the said exp mod. Hunters roam around dungeon for rare items.

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Almost there. Battle to the finals!war.jpg

After 7 months of battle in the dynasty wars which started last February and 3 months of war for getting territories from April 20 to July 20, the players are now ready to see the best of the best battle it out in the greatest event of the year.

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Buknoy and co.
Rank 8 is too easy

I've witnessed player's names shouted in red by Wei Xiao Bao, saying that someone should be congratulated for earning the prestigious rank 8 badge. They should be congratulated by all means because 200,000 fame is such a freaking huge amount of fame.

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  • Congratulations to Just Perfect for winning the Philippine Blog Awards: Level UP! Gaming Blog of The Year.
  • Happy 1st Anniversary to Janelh and Arfael!
  • Apologies to those who frequently join the screenshot contest as we were not able to post and have a contest for last week.
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