New Skills

New skills

Other than the sublime and diabolic skills that we have in game now, there will also be new skills and at the same time, some skills will get adjustments to make the game more balanced.

With the PW expansion "Burning Anger of the Gods", new skills will be added. Here are some screenshots and the skill information.

Icon Skill Info Effect image future-patch/
4 Dragon's Strength Level: 79
MP: 200
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 5 mins
Vigor: 100 (1 chi)
Atk reduced by 50%, Crit increased by 25% for 30 secs wx1.jpg
5 Thunder Hammer Level: 79
MP : 200
Range: 12m
Cast Time: 0.4 secs
Discharge: 1.5 secs
Cooldown: 2 mins
Vigor: 100 (1 chi)
Deals 260% damage to all targets in the area and knocks them off-balance. Caster and all affected targets cannot move for 5 seconds. Enemies within range will have attack - 260%, move speed -30%, attack speed - 30%, chanting + 50% wx2.jpg
6 Void Strike Level: 79
MP: 200
Range: 18m
Cast Time: 0.2 secs
Discharge: 1.7 secs
Cooldown: 40 secs
Vigor: 15
Attacks the target for 100% of Base Atk +1000 in Physical. Stuns the target for 2-3 seconds wx3.jpg
7 Moment's Edge Level: 100
MP: 200
Range: 5m
Cast Time: 0.2 sec
Discharge: 1.5 sec
Cooldown: 15 mins
Vigor: 200 (2chi)
Attack the target for 150% Base Atk + 150% of your Max HP - Current HP in Physical damage.
8 Diamond Aura Level: 100
MP : 400
Cast time: 0.6 sec
Discharge: 1.8 sec
Cooldown: 10mins
Nearby allies gain 1000% to their Def for 10 seconds and regain HP equal to 20% of your Max HP over 15 seconds. wx4.jpg

Getting the new skills

The skill can be acquired by crafting the skill book via one of the furnaces at the universal city. No craftsmanship needed to craft the books.

Crafting Needed

Skill level Item 1 Item 2
Skill Book = Item 1 + Item 2
79 skill1 20 Damaged Elder Scroll skill3 10 Handmade Ink
100 skill2 20 Chapter of Eternity skill3 10 Handmade Ink

• The Handmade Ink can be bought from one of the furnaces for 105,000 yuan each.
• The Damaged Elder Scroll can be found in Hell and Heaven 89 dungeons. (credits to pw boards posters).
• The Chapter of Eternity can be hunted from the special bosses and minibosses around perfect world.

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