New Arena

Cube of Fate Deathmatch Arena

Location: Room 1 Cube of Fate
Level Requisite: 40
Number of players allowed: 1-6 players per team
Item Requisite: Stake Stone

The Deathmatch Arena is an exciting new feature that allows players to put up wagers and battle each other for superiority, bragging rights, and of course, a nice chunk of yuan. Players wager Stone of Battles during the fight, and whichever team wins gets all of the Stone of Battles used in that battle. Each Stone of Battle can be sold to an NPC for 100,000 yuan.

Here’s how to access the Deathmatch Arena:

Step 1: The Arena Hall

Enter the Cube of Fate and speak to the Arena Teleporter. He will teleport you to the Arena Hall where preparation for the Deathmatch takes place.

All parties who wish to participate in the Deathmatch will need to purchase a Stone of Battle from the Ringman at the center. These Stone of Battles are the entry fee to enter the Deathmatch itself. Each Stone of Battle will cost 105,000 yuan.

With these Stone of Battles in hand, players will then need to speak to one of the Arena Registration NPCs.

Step 2: Register

If you want to fight alongside your friends or against a specific group of players, all players involved must register at the same Arena Registration NPC.

For example: If Xarfox, Kantorek, and FrankieRaye want to fight Ironman, Perill, and Shnuggles, they will all have to register with Arena Registration (04). There are a total of 10 available Arena Registration NPCs.

Step 3: Choosing a team

After all players sign up, the Arena Registration NPC will disappear and the Arena Preparer will appear with twelve chests (6 BLUE, 6 RED). Each player must speak to the Arena Preparer and choose which team they want to be on. After choosing the team, you will then be able to open one of the chests specific to your team and obtain a Blue/Red Arena Team Tag. This Tag identifies you as a member of your team.

Step 4: Entering the Battle

After all teams have been decided, the Arena Preparer will disappear and the Arena Gatekeeper will appear. Everyone then speaks to the Arena Gatekeeper to enter the Deathmatch Arena. Remember, it costs 1 Stone of Battle each time you want to enter the Battle Arena.

Step 5: Fight!

Arena battles last for 5 minutes. During this time, it is RED team versus the BLUE team! The winning team is the team that had the most kills recorded during the Deathmatch. If you die, you can purchase another Stone of Battle to re-enter the battle. When the battle timer has run out, the Exit Emissary will appear. Any remaining players can talk to the Exit Emissary to return to the Arena Hall.

Step 6: Victory!

To claim their rewards, the winning team must speak to the Blue/Red Prize NPC that will appear in place of your Registration NPC. The first person from the winning team that speaks to the Prize NPC will receive all the Stone of Battles used in during the Deathmatch. That player is then in charge of distributing the Stone of Battles amongst his or her team.

Take these Stone of Battles to any NPC that has a Trade option and he will purchase them from you for 100,000 yuan each.



• 1 Stone of Battle is required to enter the Fight.

• If you die during the fight, you will be teleported back to the Arena Hall. There you can purchase another Stake Stone and speak to the same Doorkeeper as before to rejoin the fight. You can do this as many times as you like (time permitting).

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