Mystic Merchant


The Shenwu valley patch also included the mysterious chips which can be exchanged for certain goods and equipment molds. Just approach the Mystic Merchant (131, 861 ↑ 37) located at Universal City and click on the appropriate tab to exchange your chips.


9.jpg Mysterious Chip
  • Mysterious chips can't be traded, thrown or dropped when dead.
  • The mystic merchant asks for a certain fee + number of mysterious chips in every transaction
  • Mysterious chips can be obtained at random from the Frost Box #1.
Icon Name Chips Req Cost
1.gif 2 Voucher 1 None
2.gif Flying Device Redeem Voucher 1 Flying Device Remaining Voucher 3.gif -

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if the prices are correct. Both the my version and jap version show different number of tokens to the version that we have here in pwph.

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