Fuel Crystals
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  • Break-down of items whether armors, weapons or ornaments creates Fuel Crystals
  • These Fuel Crystals can be used to fuel the flight energy or to create hierograms from the pharmacist.
  • The number of Fuel Crystals depends on the number of stars and the durability of the item you're breaking down.
  • Breaking down 3 star items (or holy items) can give Mirage Stone/s.
  • You can only only break down weapons from the Blacksmiths, clothing from the Tailors and ornaments from the Jewellers.
  • Upgrading of Fuel Crystals can be done via the Master of Synthesis.
  • The higher the durability of the item, the more Fuel Crystals you can get in breaking the equipment down.


Image Name Flight Energy
Where to get
1.jpg Genesis Fuel Crystal 1 sec Lv 2-3 Equipment
2.jpg Twain-Form Fuel Crystal 2 sec Lv 4 Equipment
3.jpg Tri-Aptness Fuel Crystal 3 sec Lv 5 Equipment
4.jpg Quadri-Phenomena Fuel Crystal 4 sec Lv 6 Equipment
5.jpg Penta-Element Fuel Crystal 5 sec Lv 7 Equipment
6.jpg Hexa-Synthesis Crystal 6 sec Lv 8 Equipment
7.jpg Hepta-Astral Fuel Crystal 7 sec Lv 9 Equipment
8.jpg Octo-Trigram Fuel Crystal 8 sec Lv 10 Equipment
9.jpg Ennead Palace Fuel Crystal 9 sec Lv 11 Equipment
10.jpg The Perfect Fuel Crystal 10 sec Lv 12 Equipment
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