by: Qaddisin

There are more than 1200 monsters in Perfect World, this includes where you can boost up your levels, and more than 1000 unique quests. There are interesting features in monsters too. <span>Wandering around cities is not that frightening, for you can easily recognize the level difference in monsters by the colors in their names. There are 8 monster level color identification. These are:

  • Orange : colored names signifies that they are Eight (8) levels above yours
  • Yellow : colored names signifies that they are 5-8 levels above yours
  • Beige : colored names signifies that they are 2-5 levels above yours
  • White : colored names signifies that they are 1-2 levels above or below yours
  • Aqua : colored names signifies that they are 3-5 levels below yours
  • Pea Green : colored names signifies that they are 5-8 levels below yours
  • Green : colored names signifies that they are 8-11 levels below yours
  • Dark green : colored names signifies that they are Over 11 levels below yours

Monsters in this world are not just melee fighters. Each has unique skills that they will really cause you grief. With the Yao jing pets, they can use their skills for their master. But don’t be put off by their abilities for you can easily take a look at their weaknesses and make hunting easy. Their elemental attributes are naturally weak against an opposing element.

  • Fire – Fire Resistant, Water Weakness
  • Metal – Metal Resistant, Fire Weakness
  • Wood – Wood Resistant, Metal Weakness
  • Earth – Earth Resistant, Wood Weakness
  • Water – Water Resistant, Earth Weakness

Monster's vulnerabilities

There are easy kill monsters. Some monsters have the attribute “none”, this means that this type of monsters are neutral. No strength and weaknesses (these are fairly straightforward to attack, but are not necessarily weak.) In order to do battle effectively, you should be aware of your state and as well as the monsters properties. Each monster has its own vulnerabilities but mind you, they are way too strong against their own elements. In addition, mob’s characteristics varies upon on their spawn, (these characteristics can also be seen on the monster’s information) The following are main attributes: Note: In other PW versions, these enhancement may change names but they give the same attributes

  • Enhanced Mdef - Greater Magical Defense
  • Magical Attack - Greater Magical Attack
  • Enhanced Atk - Greater Physical Attack
  • Enhanced Def - More Physical Defense
  • Weak - Less Life
  • Enhanced HP - 3x More Life
  • Berserk - Increased Attack with Lesser Life

Now nothing can keep you from exploring Perfect World. Knowledge really is power… No kidding! ^_~ Have fun!


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