Field mini bosses are those square-named monsters we see around Perfect World. They are easier to kill than the bosses that drop level 9 soul stones. If you get to kill one of them, the rewards can be very fruitful. Respawns once a day.

Monster Locations

59988723.jpg 106 410
56276360.jpg 104 336

570 474(22) - soulless
157 732(22) - fire
657 593(23) - aroma

xxxgoutenhakuyou.jpg 241 934
43332533.jpg 347 938
29123659.jpg 250 830


Image Name Purpose
heaven.jpg Heaven Celestial Stone For immortal stone
earth.jpg Earth Celestial Stone For immortal stone
common.jpg Common Celestial Stone For immortal stone
immortal.jpg Immortal Stone For upgrading
vermillion.PNG Vermillion Fruit Gives 8888 exp and 2222 souls
icon02961.gif Celestial Tea Gain 1 chi and 50 vigor.
icon02170.gif Samsara Plate Immediately restores 60% of Hp and Mp
icon00811.gif Shelter Syrup of Starlight Greatly reduces physical and magical damage suffered. Lasts 20 secs.
icon03782.gif Medicine of Impolarity Move freely. Immunity to barriers. Lasts 20 secs.
icon00803.gif Dew of Lonesome Immediately restores 90% of Hp and Mp
icon03486.gif Fortification Powder Usage will make you immune to all damage at the cost of movement. Lasts 12 secs.
skill2 Chapter of Eternity For level 100 skills
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