Rank Equipment

Rank and Fame

Military ranks are given to those players whose fame (reputation points/glory points) reaches a certain number at a certain level. Having a higher military rank can give you stronger items and of course you can be really famous in your server if you're one of the people who has a very high military rank.

For certain items, there is a possibility that you can get 3 slots or 4 slots. Since you can only buy the same items once each day, you might have to go back again and again before getting a 4-slot item. Also there are iitems like armors that the bonus stats they give can vary (example YJ rank 4 arm0r: Int +4~5).

The NPCs who sell these rank equipment are located beside each rank official (except in King yu slope).
Rank 1 Southwest Dragon City
Ranks 2-4 Southeast Dream Port
Ranks 5-8 Southeast Universal City

Rank Level Fame Needed
1 30 300
2 40 1000
3 50 2500
4 60 5000
5 70 10000
6 80 35000
7 90 100000
8 100 200000

Note: Rings are free. You only need to bring your previous ring to exchange them to the new ring once you reach the requirements of that new ring. Stones and refinement in these screenshots are not included of course.

How to increase your fame


Class Armor Leggings Sigil
Wu Xia WXrank1a.PNG WXrank1b.PNG WXrank1c.PNG
Fa Shih FSrank1a.PNG FSrank1b.PNG FSrank1c.PNG
Yu Ling YLrank1a.PNG YLrank1b.PNG YLrank1c.PNG
Yu Mang YMrank1a.PNG YMrank1b.PNG YMrank1c.PNG
Yao Jing YJrank1a.PNG YJrank1b.PNG YJrank1c.PNG
Yao Shou YSrank1a.PNG YSrank1b.PNG YSrank1c.PNG

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