Martial Arts


The Perfect World: Lost Empire expansion brought many new things in our game. This patch included the cube of fate, the completion of the quest pair and of course this martial arts tournament.

We tried entering this event many times. The first few times just to check the time. We went at 7 pm and then at 9 pm but we had to forget about trying to enter during 8 pm because we were doing the asura road before. Then I asked a friend to use her level 40 character to check out the tournament NPC at 8 pm. What do you know? The quest was there! That's the good news. Of course there was also the bad news. Bad news was the fact that cube of fate was not yet active so technically even if the tournament quest was already up, the arena for the tournament was still inactive.

Now that the cube of fate is active, we checked if the arena is also active. Indeed yes! So without further ado, after doing the whole tournament and failing to win first prize, here's how you can win the first prize for yourself.

How to enter

Min Level 40
Quest NP annai.jpg Tournament Officer
Sword City (434 887), (429 876)
Feather City (324 418), (328 429)
Beast City (250 647)
Dragon City (529 663), (551 636)
Universal City (133 858), (117 858)
Time Thursday 8:00 - 8:05 Entrance
Thursday 8:00 - 9:00 Tournament proper
Fee 100k yuan

Quest flow

  • Enter the Tournament Registration according to your bracket
  • At exactly 8:05 pm, 36 Tournament Card Box will appear that will hold the Tournament invitation
  • If you have succeeded in getting a Tournament invitation, you will be allowed to enter the arena for Round 1.
  • Talk to the Arena NPC to enter the next phase of the tournament. You will be transported to a random room/arena.
  • Once you enter the arena for Round 1, the NPC Director will heal you for a certain time
  • This arena is PK-enabled. You are free to kill anyone as you please. After 5 minutes, 6 Tournament Card Box will appear.
  • If you have succeeded in getting a Round 1 entry card, the Arena NPC will allow you to enter a random arena for Round 2.
  • After entering the Round 2 Arena, the NPC Director will heal all of you but you can already PK players in the arena.
  • After 5 minutes, 6 Tournament Card Box that will hold the Round 2 entry cards will appear
  • The next arena will give 6 Tournament Card Box that will hold the Semi-final entry cards. Same procedure again. This time only 1 arena will be available.
  • The final arena will give only 6 Treasure boxes. 1 1st prize, 2 2nd prizes and 3 third prizes.


Round 1 prizes
Round 2 prizes
Semi prizes
Final prizes

Level Bracket 1st Prize exp 2nd Prize exp 3rd Prize exp
40-49 530,000 350,000 170,000
50-59 1,010,000 670,000 330,000
60-69 1,460,000 1,090,000 580,000
70-79 2,100,000 1,580,000 840,000
80-89 3,370,000 2,520,000 1,340,000
90-105 4,020,000
1 Proof of Champion 20513.gif
1 Tournament Decoration 19441.gif
3,010,000 1,600,000

Exchange with

You can exchange your prizes (War soul tablets and Proof of Champion) from the Tournament Officer found in major cities.
1 Proof of Champion = 1 Headgear
1 Proof of Champion = 1 War Soul
8 War Soul = 1 Great Wind


  • Leaving or getting kicked out of the tournament arena will transport you to Dragon City north.
  • In the tournament arena, all characters (except those who are partied) are treated as PK mode automatically.
  • The arena can hold a maximum of 180 players.
  • If you do not have at least 2 free quest space, you will not be able to enter
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