Marriage System

Credits: PC Gamer Malaysia January 2008 issue and official PW china

Two lovebirds wearing the Chinese wedding gown will walk side by side amidst the flowers to the path of their eternal love.


Marriage Requirements

1. One male and female regardless of class
2. Both must be above 20 levels

Marriage Flow

1. Party up (only the two of you) and head to the west of Dragon City to NPC Matchmaker (522, 655).
2. Get the marriage mission.

  • Male must bring along 1 "limestone mark", buy the Groom's Package groom worth 10,000 gold from the item mall.
  • Female must bring along 1 "eternal silk", buy the Bride's Package bride worth 10,000 gold from the item mall.

3. When you have the requirements, the party leader will be able to submit the mission to the NPC and you will be bound in marriage with the system announcement broadcasting it.

What do you get

1. Another extra title under your names "xxx's husband" or "xxx's wife".

2. Another quest of "Crazy Stone" from Du Heng when you have a Wedding Plaque

Item Where to get
plaque 6 pcs Wedding Wine - exchange with Matchmaker
Wedding plaque 900 gold - Item mall

3. Wedding wines can be used to exchange for dungeon wines.

# of pcs Dungeon Equivalent Wine
1 Wedding wine wine (19) 1 osmanthus wine (19) OsmanthusWine.png
1 Wedding wine wine (29) 1 spiked snake king (29) SpikedSnakeKing.png
2 Wedding wine wine (39) 1 Nu er hong (39) NvErHong.png
2 Wedding wine wine (49) 1 Qun fang sui (49) QunFangSui.png
2 Wedding wine wine (59) 1 Jian nan chun (59) JianNanChun.png
3 Wedding wine wine (69) 1 Gu Jing Gong (69) GuJingGong.png
4 Wedding wine wine (79) 1 Liu xia zui (79) LiuXiaZui.png
6 Wedding wine wine (89) 1 Du Gang Niang (89) DuKangNiang.png
8 Wedding wine wine (99) Wan Gu Qiu(99) EternalTrouble.png

4. Wedding coins are red items that can be sold to the NPC for 99,999 yuan.

Item Where to get
Wedding coin 1 pc Wedding Wine - exchange with Matchmaker

5. Wedding candies are wedding blessings that when used, can give you 20 additional fame/reputation points.

Item Where to get
candy 2 pcs Wedding Wine - exchange with Matchmaker
Wedding Candy 300 gold (1 pc) / 15000 gold (50 pcs) - Item mall

6. You will receive 10 Wedding Ang Pao's as gifts. angpao Wedding Ang Pao randomly gives you 1 Wedding Wine, 1 Wedding Candy, 1 Wedding Coin, or 1 Wedding Plaque.

Divorce flow

1. Head forth to the same NPC at the west of Dragon City Matchmaker (522, 655) but this time any one of you can just go and talk directly to the NPC.
2. The NPC will give you a mission in which you have to pay 2,000,000 yuan.
3. After paying, you are now divorced and whatever quests and titles you both have will be gone.

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