Baby Pets

Summary of Baby Pet Information

Notes: Coordinates are just approximates. To check on some rare pets, please go to rare beasts

deer.JPG Young Fuzhu 3 Spirit Beast Eggs
2 Frost Deer Eggs
1 Snow Spirit Deer Egg
1 Soul Hunting Deer Egg
1 Holy White Stag Egg
Spirit Beast C: 450, 534
Frost Deer R: 30 mins C: 420, 479
Snow Spirit Deer R: 30 mins C: 420, 479
Soul Hunting Deer C: 406, 369 – 446, 395
Holy White Stag C: Valley of Disaster
puppy.JPG Magic Puppy 5 Magic Pup Eggs Magic Pup R: 12 hours C: 350, 750
bunny.JPG Hopping Bunny 5 Hopping Bunny Eggs Hopping Bunny R: 1 h C: 96 905<->96 862
C: 500, 1007
C: 468, 924
piggy.JPG Flying Piggy 5 Flying Pig Eggs Flying Pig R: 12 hours C: 408, 638 (air)
kitten.JPG Blossom Kitten 5 Blossom Bobcat Eggs Blossom Bobcat R: 12 hours C: 370, 690
C: 397, 619
bear.JPG Baby Bear 2 Small Bear Eggs
2 Battle Bear Eggs
Small Bear R:12 hours C: 188, 766
C: 200, 452
C: 288, 458
Battle Bear R: 12 hours C: 660, 612
frog.JPG Baby Frog 8 Young Frog Eggs Young Frog R: 12 h C: 240, 555
C: 246, 571
butterfly.JPG Young Butterfly 10 Butterly Spirit Eggs Butterly Spirit C: 608, 378 (air)
C: 616, 366 (air)
huggy.JPG Huggy Bunny 10 Fluffy Bunny Eggs Fluffy Bunny C: 630, 566
fox.JPG Silver Cub 3 White Flying Fox Eggs
3 Sunfeather Fox Eggs
3 Forest Wasp Eggs
White Flying Fox C: 632, 838
Sunfeather Fox C: 278, 369
Forest Wasp C: 437, 862
firespirit.PNG Young Fire Spirit 10 Firebat Eggs Firebat C:120 771
hawk.JPG Heavenly Hawk 10 Pet Egg of Heaven Bird Heaven Bird C: 679, 552 (air)
dragon.jpg Small Dragon N/A Lottery box
dalmatian.jpg Baby Dalmatian N/A Not yet available
hamster.jpg Baby Hamster N/A Lottery box
turtle.jpg Xiaoling Baby Turtle N/A Not yet available
phoenix.jpg Phoenix baby snow birds N/A Not yet available

Guide on Making Baby Pets by: Dasha

Alright, this is a post/guide on baby pets. This will tell you how many of each egg you need to make a baby pet. NOT where to get the eggs. This guide will also not tell you how to charm a pet. It’s only for turning eggs into baby pets, which, every race/class can use. These pets do not level, fight, or die. They are mainly for show, but they are really cute.

I will try to get the location of some of the baby pets that run around and update accordingly. I have been told that most of the baby pets are a rare spawn except the Hopping Bunny, which spawns like every hour I believe.

The following is the number of eggs and what kind of eggs you’ll need to make the baby pet you want:

Bear Cub Egg –> 2 Small Bear Eggs, 2 Battle Bear Eggs

Flying Piglet Egg –> 5 Flying Pig Eggs

Bunny Egg –> 5 Hopping Bunny Eggs

Little Frog Egg –> 8 Young Frog Eggs

Magic Puppy Egg –> 5 Magic Pup Eggs

Blossom Kitten Egg –> 5 Blossom Bobcat Eggs

Young Fuzhu Egg –> 3 Spirit Beast Eggs, 2 Frost Deer Eggs, 1 Snow Spirit Deer Egg, 1 Soul Hunting Deer Egg, 1 Holy White Stag Egg

Young Butterfly Egg –> 10 Butterly Spirit Eggs

Huggy Bunny Egg –> 10 Fluffy Bunny Eggs

Silver Cub Egg –> 3 White Flying Fox Eggs, 3 Sunfeather Fox Eggs, 3 Forest Wasp Eggs

Young Fire Spirit Egg –> 10 Firebat Eggs

Heavenly Hawk Egg –> 10 Pet Egg of Heaven Bird

Once you have the eggs you wish to turn into a baby pet, go here:
Location of Granny Jin Hua

And speak to this NPC:
Granny Jin Hua

Click on her and you’ll see this window:

Then click on: Adopt a Pet in the list

Which opens to this window:

Note: All the information on the amounts and types of eggs needed is at the top of this post.

Ok, now, you’ve got your baby pet, but it’s just called by it’s generic name of whichever pet you made. So, let’s get it a name. Click on Granny again, and scroll down the list to this:

Click Pet Commodities and it’ll open to this window:

Buy 1 Pet Collar. Then Click on Granny again and choose Change Pet Name from the list:

To name the pet, Press P, and drag the picture of the pet into the box that comes up in the little window after you click Change Pet Names.

To summon your pet, Press P and click Call.. Same thing to get unsummon the pet, Press P, click Dismiss.

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