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My entry in the Love-won category. I was one of the finalists

Title of Work: Just Perfect
Size: 500 words
Description: “Letter Writing Competition” – Love Won

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Hi Winter,

If you had told me a year ago that having a boyfriend in game and in real life is possible, I wouldn’t have believed you. But that was my belief then, not now. Let me tell you why.

Reality sucks so they say. We wake up, go to work, go home, sleep then repeat the same cycle the next day. For me, my routine includes school and playing online.

Pretty hectic right? That’s why I swore off having a boyfriend. It wont fit my schedule anymore. I told my friends that it’s ok for me to have an online boyfriend coz I would only need to entertain him online. Talk about convictions. I even wrote in my blog that real and virtual lives don’t mix. My online boyfriend lasted a year but we broke it off because he wanted to be my real life boyfriend too. I told him on our first day that once reality sinks, that’s the time to cut the relationship loose. So I did… we did. Online is online. Real is real.

So how did I change my mind then you might ask? I played Ragnarok before. I have an officemate who was also my friend in game. One day he went to my station and he mentioned that he is now playing a new game called Perfect World. He even said he’d let me borrow his installer so I could try it out. I half-heartedly accepted it. I didn’t know my teammate heard. He said his twin is also playing the game and he said that if I am hesitating to play because I know nobody there, he would be willing to play too. He was playing Eve online that time so starting a new game would be something we would share.

His name is Rafi. He’s my teammate but we don’t talk to each other much. Ever since we played the game together, we found out bits and pieces about each other, mutual likes and dislikes. He was teasing me to another teammate of ours and I was doing to same to him to an officemate. They say “tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib”. That was so true. Everytime I tease him, I always think “why can’t it be me?” I had begun to like him and I never thought that it would be vice versa.

One day while doing some quests, our partymate asked if I’m a girl. I said no. Rafi said “Oo babae yan, kaya nga mahal ko sha eh”. To put it mildly… I was shocked. His twin said, “sabi na nga ba!” That’s when I realized he was NOT joking and he meant what he said.

I didn’t say yes right then. But now we’ve just celebrated 4 months together. You know what Winter? Real and virtual lives can mix. I just never realized how simple it is until I’ve experienced it for myself. What can I say? Life in Perfect World is Just Perfect.


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