Jungle Relic



Event Details

Sunday 3pm - 6pm
NPC: Wolf Cub (Dragon City, Feather City, Beast City, Sword City, Universal City, Dream Port)
Level Restriction: 40 and above
PK Disabled MAP

Two parts of the event
1) Talk to the Treasure Hunter inside the map spawn to start the quest. You will finish the quest once to talked to the partner of this hunter who is located deep inside the jungle.
2) Treasure Box hunting, no NPC to talk to. Just be the one to first get to the treasure boxes.


  • It doesn't matter how large your life is, each monster deals 40k damage. Meaning 1 hit = dead. No loss of experience points if you die.
Image Movement Area
1.jpg Fixed area circumference, Drift speed - Normal Near Entrance
2.jpg Fixed area circumference, Drift speed - Fast Important Position
3.jpg Fixed area circumference, Drift speed - Normal Entire Area
4.jpg On fixed point center circumference, Drift speed - Normal Around Respawn Points
5.jpg Fixing to fixed point, Appearance time - At fixed period appearance/suicide bombing Mainly passages
6.jpg Between fixed point, linear motion, Drift speed - Fast Entrance Treasure room 1

Treasure Room

  • Entrance Treasure Room 1
  • Entrance Treasure Room 2
  • Treasure Room 1
  • Treasure Room 2


  • As long as you finish the quest, you will get a huge amount of experience and souls. The faster you finish the quest, the higher the amount of experience points you get. 300k experience points - highest, 16k experience points - lowest.
  • Treasure boxes are located in the maze and can give you great rewards.

Some Rewards:

Image Name Description
eye.jpg Eye of the Jungle Mold of a necklace and Wei Xiao Bao will announce your name in the whole server
Level 10 Necklace
Def + 250
Durability 135/135
Level Requirement 40
Physical Reduction Damage - 2%
Str + 10
disguise.gif Disguise Reel Can change your appearance via the Stylist
vermillion.PNG Vermillion Fruit Gives 8888 exp and 2222 souls
- Soul Stones Provides added buffs to slotted equipment
skill.jpg Emblem of Skill Talk to Seven Sages envoy to claim the reward
- Immortal Stone Needed to upgrade any equipment

Video Guide

This link was posted in pwboards and it shows you how to get through the monsters

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