Jade Stones

Just like Soul Stones, Jade stones affect armors and weapons. Please look at Soul Stones for more info on how many stones you'll need to upgrade the stones to a higher level.

Some info:
1) The level 1 jades can be bought from the vendors in each town.
2) You can also buy level 5 stones directly from the alchemists.
2) The alchemist upgrades level 1 stones.

Note: The 1st line is when you attach the stone to a weapon, the 2nd line is when you attach the stone to an armor.

Level White Jade Yellow Jade Red Jade Black Jade Green Jade
white.jpg yellow.jpg red.jpg black.jpg green.jpg
1 Metal Dmg+6
Metal Def+8
Earth Dmg+6
Earth Def+8
Fire Dmg+6
Fire Def+8
Water Dmg+6
Water Def+8
Wood Dmg+6
Wood Def+8
2 Metal Dmg+12
Metal Def+16
Earth Dmg+12
Earth Def+16
Fire Dmg+12
Fire Def+16
Water Dmg+12
Water Def+16
Wood Dmg+12
Wood Def+16
3 Metal Dmg+18
Metal Def+24
Earth Dmg+18
Earth Def+24
Fire Dmg+18
Fire Def+24
Water Dmg+18
Water Def+24
Wood Dmg+18
Wood Def+24
4 Metal Dmg+24
Metal Def+32
Earth Dmg+24
Earth Def+32
Fire Dmg+24
Fire Def+32
Water Dmg+24
Water Def+32
Wood Dmg+24
Wood Def+32
5 Metal Dmg+32
Metal Def+42
Earth Dmg+32
Earth Def+42
Fire Dmg+32
Fire Def+42
Water Dmg+32
Water Def+42
Wood Dmg+32
Wood Def+42
6 Metal Dmg+40
Metal Def+52
Earth Dmg+40
Earth Def+52
Fire Dmg+40
Fire Def+52
Water Dmg+40
Water Def+52
Wood Dmg+40
Wood Def+52
7 Metal Dmg+50
Metal Def+66
Earth Dmg+50
Earth Def+66
Fire Dmg+50
Fire Def+66
Water Dmg+50
Water Def+66
Wood Dmg+50
Wood Def+66
8 Metal Dmg+64
Metal Def+84
Earth Dmg+64
Earth Def+84
Fire Dmg+64
Fire Def+84
Water Dmg+64
Water Def+84
Wood Dmg+64
Wood Def+84
9 Metal Dmg+80
Metal Def+106
Earth Dmg+80
Earth Def+106
Fire Dmg+80
Fire Def+106
Water Dmg+80
Water Def+106
Wood Dmg+80
Wood Def+106
10 Metal Dmg+100
Metal Def+140
Earth Dmg+100
Earth Def+140
Fire Dmg+100
Fire Def+140
Water Dmg+100
Water Def+140
Wood Dmg+100
Wood Def+140
11 Metal Dmg+150
Metal Def+200
Earth Dmg+150
Earth Def+200
Fire Dmg+150
Fire Def+200
Water Dmg+150
Water Def+200
Wood Dmg+150
Wood Def+200
12 Metal Dmg+200
Metal Def+270
Earth Dmg+200
Earth Def+270
Fire Dmg+200
Fire Def+270
Water Dmg+200
Water Def+270
Wood Dmg+200
Wood Def+270
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