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Although playing Perfect World is free, admittedly some nice items like fashion and life amulets can only be bought via the item mall. Item mall is accessible in game when you type “O” or “Alt-O”. These are items which can be bought using Gold. Take note Gold is different from the in-game currency Yuan. There are 2 ways to get gold. 1) from topping up using your My Level Up account, 2) Ingot trading via Auctioneer.

Credits for these info: Perfect World - ph


Name Icon Description Price (Gold) Pcs
Dyestuff Package dye.jpg There is a chance of obtaining a "Random Dyestuff" or a specific color dye, which can be any one of 32 colors. 200 1 pc
Frost Ticket #1 frost.JPG Rare Prizes from the Frost City 300 1 pc
Fighting Pet Box petbox.JPG Receive a random amount of Great Phoenix and Titan Materials 500 1 pc


The items in this category are sorted by gender and by equipment slot. The four equipment slots are Coat, Trousers, Gloves and Shoes. Some Coats are actually full outfits, but only take up the Coat slot. Any Trouser equipped while wearing a full outfit is not displayed.

Fashion are personalized clothing you can buy in the item mall. The color you get when you buy a fashion is random.

Personally i use fashion so i can hide my level. Since i change my armors regularly depending on what my current level is… i can’t hide my level that way.

Name Icon Req Lv Price (Gold)
You Xia Outfit YXO.jpg 20 900
Shared Hearts Coat SHC.jpg 10 500
Tang-Style Coat TSC.jpg 30 300
Loving Couple Coat lovingcouplem.gif 30 800
Pledge of Eternal Love pledgem.gif 20 500
Glamorous Dance Coat 1.JPG 10 800
Glamorous Dance Gloves 2.JPG 10 300
Western Coat (Tuxedo) 3.JPG 30 600
Bewitching Blouse 4.JPG 30 900
Devil Baron Coat 5.JPG 30 900
White Dragon Coat 6.JPG 30 750
Cool Dragon Coat 7.JPG 30 750
Martial Arts Coat 8.JPG 30 1200
Martial Arts Bracers 9.JPG 10 300
Army Fatigues Jacket 10.JPG 30 700
Army Fatigues Gloves 11.JPG 10 300


These items range from common sparklers and skyflowers to fireworks specialized for a specific holiday or event. There are also various “joke” fireworks that display humorous messages.

Name Icon Qty Price Name Icon Qty Price
Fire Cracker firecracker.PNG 5 100 Revolving Sparklers 1 sparkler1.PNG 5 100
Revolving Sparklers 2 sparkler2.PNG 5 100 Revolving Sparklers 3 sparkler3.PNG 5 100
Revolving Sparklers 4 sparkler4.PNG 5 100 Revolving Sparklers 5 sparkler5.PNG 5 100
Gushing Fireworks gpusher1.PNG 5 100 Ground Gusher 2 gpusher2.PNG 5 100
Ground Gusher 3 gpusher3.PNG 5 100 Ground Gusher 4 gpusher4.PNG 5 100
Ground Gusher 5 gpusher5.PNG 5 100


The Flying Swords of the Humans, the Flying Beasts of the Beastkin and the Special Wings of the Wingkin can be found under this category. Once a character has reached Level 30, she can now use these devices to fly all over the world. See Flight for more details.


For faster land travel from city to city. Cute, unique and impressive Pets can be found here, ready for characters to use as Mounts. Remember, you have to feed them regularly, or they may get annoyed and desert you at inopportune moments. See Mount for more details.


Need to show your individuality? Use the Special Emoticon Megaphones and emote with style. If you have an important message to convey to the world, the Loudspeaker allows you to access World Chat and tell everyone in the game just what you think!

Name Icon Price Qty Category
Loudspeaker megaphone.gif 100 1 Common
Loudspeaker megaphone.gif 900 10 Common
Pig Loudspeaker pig.gif 200 7 Days Emoticons
Little Bear Loudspeaker bear.gif 200 7 Days Emoticons


This magic toolbox is full of interesting trinkets that can make your life easier.

Name Icon Price Qty Description
Transmission Stone tele.gif 100 1 Returns you to any town you have visited
Transmission Stone tele.gif 1800 20 Returns you to any town you have visited
Town Portal Joss Stick joss.gif 40 1 Returns you to the nearest city
Town Portal Joss Stick joss.gif 360 10 Returns you to the nearest city

Crafting Materials

Not content with harvesting materials in the wild? All crafting raw materials are available in the mall at affordable prices! Metal, Wood, Stone, Coal, Fabric, Leather, Oil and Solvent of all grades can be found here.

Name Icon Price Qty Description
Love for All Seasons loveseasons.JPG 100 5 Flowers for lovers that symbolize dignity and purity
Warm Regards warmregards.JPG 100 5 Flowers that symbolize warm regards for a person
Deep Affection deepaffection.JPG 100 5 Flowers that symbolize passionate love
Blossoming Prosperity blossoming.JPG 100 5 Fresh water, clear skies, fragrant golden chrysanthemums that symbolize bounty and wealth.
Common Disguise Reel disguise.gif 2000 1 Allows the user to change her appearance at the Stylist's Residence
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