Immortal Stone


immortal.jpg Immortal stones are stones you use to upgrade your equipment or weapon. Also known as Mirage Stones or Celestial Stones.

You will need 1 immortal stone for upgrading your equipment and 2 immortal stones for weapon upgrading.

Where to get

  • from the tailor, ironsmith or craftsman by breaking down 3 star weapons, ornaments or clothing.
  • from monsters who drop them (normally bosses)
  • from the quest given by the Jeweler
  • from the additional bonus in the brooch quest
  • from the bonus in the wanted quests
  • from treasure boxes in regular events
  • others..

Jeweler Quests

These NPCs are normally beside the banker.

25 pcs Immortal Stone Fragment stonefragment.jpg = 1 Immortal Stone immortal.jpg

3 pcs Common Celestial Stone common.jpg +
3 pcs Heaven Celestial Stone heaven.jpg +
3 pcs Earth Celestial Stone earth.jpg = 1 Immortal Stone immortal.jpg

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