Created by the Celestial Monarch and the Ten-Veiled King of the Underworld, humans were created to inherit the world. They are the most widespread of the races, and can be found in all shapes and sized in nearly every corner of the Land of Pangu. Human adventurers can come from almost any background. Some are driven by a desire for travel, exploration, adventure and perhaps some fortune and glory while others are driven by a hunger for conquest, violence, riches and power.

Some humans, called WuXia have come to master the art of close combat, quick and deadly adversaries in melee range. Others decided to dedicate themselves to the art of conjuration; these FaShi, as they call themselves, have the ability to learn and use various spells to devastating effect. Although they're vulnerable while preparing their spells, once the conjuration is complete the damage is spectacular.

Specialization: Melee Attacks
Weapon of Choice: Sword, Long Weapons, Axe, Knife, Martial Arts

Wu Xias are warriors that came from the Human Race. They pride themselves on their bravery.

Wu Xias are close combat warriors who are potent with or without weapons. They are swift, agile and quick to attack and evade assailants.

Wu Xias, as swordsmen, weigh themselves on chivalry, and the mastery of the different fighting arts through continuous practice and training.

They are balanced both on attacking and defending enemies, and have a solid grasp of the different kinds of weapons such as swords, spears, fists, axes, and hammers.

Wu Xia
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