Holy Equipment


The gold equipment that we see being worn by people are holy equipment. These are weapons, armors and accessories crafted in the holy furnaces in the lower left Dragon City. Just remember two things when you want to have your own gold equipment

  • Crafting level - check if your crafting level is high enough to craft your item
  • Materials needed for the equipment which are:
    • Molds - rare boss drop and even rarer ordinary monster drop.
    • Minerals - can be bought from item mall or you can try to harvesting them


Unlike the crafted equipment via the tailor, blacksmith or craftsman, gold equipment crafted thru the holy furnaces have almost fixed bonuses given. I say almost because some bonuses vary (example 7~8 means stat can be 7 or 8). The normal crafted equipment can be uber nice or downright trash.

  • Item names are gold
  • Complete magical defense on all armors and mdef accessories.
  • Armors and weapons automatically have slot/s. (Min. 2 slots for Armors, Min. 1 slot for weapons)
  • Attack and Defense are high compared to the equipment that you can wear on the same level.


These equipment can be crafted from the following furnaces

Furnace: Holy Weapon (Weapon 1~2 slots)

Furnace: Legendary Armor (Armor 2~4 slots)

Furnace: Spirit Accessory (Accessory)

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