Hall Of Dusk


In the Perfect Land calender 1000, there was a huge rise of power in the western country named after the setting of the sun, the Dusk City.

At that time there was a huge war between two opposing regions, the communities in the north and the south. Under the leadership of cruel Emperor Cang Li, the Dusk City situated at the west began annexing the 10 surrounding towns, cutting the north/south war. He would slaughter those who stand against him. Thus in the short span of 30 years, Dusk City made a mark from being a minor city on the west and into the most formidable dynasty in the Perfect Land territory.

It is said that Cang Li obtained a mystical mask molded from gold accidentally. With this mask, Cang Li was able to get an unimaginable power that made his army invincible over the mainland.

In the Perfect Land calender year 1038, Cang Li died in his sleep due to an illness. After merely three days, his eldest son Zhong also succumbed to the sickness that ailed his father. Because the second son is too young, the court debated on who will rule the country. In the calender year 1040 the feudal lords unanimously elected Minister Zi Zhun to help control the state affairs until the 10-year old second son is old enough to rule.

After Cang Li died, nobody can summon the mystical power within the golden mask. Therefore, they decided to bury it in the tomb with the emperor.

Because of the effect of the tyrannical rule, some small town folks started some struggles and uprisings. With the loss of the golden mask, the military started to fail the advances of the revolts.

As history has already shown, each dynasty have its glorious moment. The Dusk city has experienced its peak and has gone into the inevitable trend of decline. The balance of power began to spread.

In the Perfect calender 1043, the surrounding cities began to fall and the military changed their strategy from the offensive to the defensive. The number of people who started to rebel amounted to a million. They started to march to the Dusk City and occupied its borders.

Minister Zi Zhun wanted the golden mask to help make the army invincible again but the mask had been sealed inside the tomb. The enhancements on the tomb will only open the doors if it senses the blood of an Imperial family. The minister convened with the lords secretly and decided, out of desperation, to assassinate Princess Moon cat lady to recover the golden mask.

The senior general was tasked to do the assassination but he adored the princess and cannot bear to kill such person. Thus he betrayed the minister and urged the princess to run away from the country.

When Minister Zi Zhun realized the situation, he immediately sent troops to arrest the fleeing party. The two people were hunted down and the army discovered that the trail led to the king's tomb. The army dared not intrude upon the king's tomb so the Minister led the army personally to attack the tomb. They were startled to find out that the tomb was already open, the king's body and the golden mask have disappeared. The army searched the entire tomb but failed to find the missing princess.

The body and the golden mask's mysterious disappearance coupled with the disappearance of the princess all evolved into the unsolved mystery that made the Dusk City people wary of their minister. Since then, the search operation has continued but they came up with nothing.

With the loss of the golden mask, the minister began to look for other ways to save the critical situation. The minister proposed the ancient ritual "Wheel of fate" to eliminate their enemies. The entire ceremony will last for more than 30 days and will take more than 1000 people with full of magical powers, 3000 offerings for the gods, numerous gold and silver and the ancient seal of liberation to summon the Ancient Demon. Legend has it that the Ancient Demon is capable of destroying an entire army in an instant.

In this ceremony, there are lots of hidden dangers including the Demon bursting out of control. Even so, under the external and internal problems facing the Dusk City, no other choice seemed available and the Minister ordered the start of the Ancient Ritual.

It was at this same time that the coalition forces began their offense in the outskirts of the Dusk City, the army of the city steadily retreat. 30 days before the end of the ceremony, the coalition forces have already marched into the capital lands and is less than 10km from the City.

Other than the coalition forces outside the city, the Dusk city populace and soldiers have undergone conflicts which started when the "Wheel of fate" ritual commenced. There were many casualties and the collaborators fled the city. The coalition launched an attack and the once glorious and beautiful capital had become hell.

When the Minister saw the situation, he decided to speed up the process of the ritual with the use of the seven emissaries of elements regardless of what the cost may be.

In the Perfect calender 1044, the city fell to the coalition. Exactly at this time, the "wheel of fate" ceremony had been completed. The Ancient Demon dropped from the clouds and began destroying everything it sees. The people had never experienced such destruction. Finally a great roar that started from the Dusk City resounded throughout the Perfect Land, and afterwards an eerie silence echoed. Apart from some few remnants of walls, no sign of life has been seen since.

In just one night, an entire country was wiped out from the map. This brief but brilliant dynasty disappeared as if it never existed at all. No records were ever found that supported the myths that passed down from generation to generation.

After 5000 years, people discovered traces of an ancient ruins in the Dragon Wasteland near Fei Wei Town. Adventurers found an underground tunnel that led to a huge underground tomb. New stories surface again regarding the dark mystery that surrounds the tomb and what adventurers may find inside.

This is the ancient history of the Dusk City.

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