Perfect World's Elemental Spirits


The Genie System

The Dawn of Elementals expansion introduces a new system to Perfect World. Genies are non-corporal helpers from the Elemental World. They will assist players by casting spells, character buffs and debuffs, but will not participate directly in combat.

Elemental Spirits, also known as Genies in other versions of Perfect World, also have elemental attributes to be distributed. There are five - metal, wood, earth, water and fire. Any skill has a requisite amount of elemental points; some only need one type while others require multiple elements.

Genies are available to all, starting at level 1. They may be obtained through a quest with new NPC, Elemental Emissary. He is located within the five main cities, so there is no problem for anyone to get one of these helpers. They level alongside their masters, although advancement is done manually, using either the player's own experience or spirit points. The higher the level of a genie, the better the skills they unlock. There are four in total, one for each season.

Acquiring an Elemental Spirit


First genie

Speak to the Elemental Emissary in any of the Major Cities, and take the Elemental Sounds quest. You will be given a random Spirit among the Spirits of the Seasons.

The Elemental Emissary can be found in the following locations:

City Coordinates
Sword City (435 888)
Beast City (250 647)
Feather City (324 424)
Dragon City North (555 672)
Dragon City South (546 625)
Dream Port (654 370)
Universal City (128 857)

Subsequent genies

Exchange 3 Immortal Stones to a genie of your choice via the Elemental Emissary.

Elemental Emissary Quests Rewards

Level 1 - Elemental Sounds – Collect your genie.
Level 19 - Spirit’s Beginnings – Amplified Common Stone - 1000 EXP
Level 49 - Spirit’s Nurturing – Amplified Centered Stone - 10,000 EXP
Level 70 - New Beginnings Edict – 20 New Beginnings Edict - Status reset stone
Level 79 - Spirit’s Potential – Amplified Essence Stone - 100,000 EXP
Level 80 - Formless Reset Stone – 1 Formless Reset Stone - Elemental affinity reset stone


First, there is the autumn genie. Her wings look like autumn leaves, and there is always a little fall foliage floating around her. She has an inherent aptitude for magic. At her starting level, she has the highest percentage of leveling points in Int. The first genie skill is Fire Pillar.


Genie Status Points

Every level of the genie increases 1 status point. Genies begin with Level 1 with energy 103 (Spring) 105 (Autumn and Summer) 115 (Winter), energy recovery 1 point/sec, Wilpower of 20000/999999.
STR: Determine damage output of skills
DEX: Determine effect of skills - duration
CON: Energy pool
INT: Energy Recovery and the skills learnable (each 50 INT = +1 energy recovery)

Each status point can be reset with 1 New Beginnings Edict.

Initial Points


Genie Elemental Affinity

There are five elements namely Metal (Me), Fire (Fi), Water (Wa), Earth (Ea) and Wood (Wo). Each genie skill requires certain elemental affinities before you can learn it.

Elemental Affinity option window:

  • Genies begin with 1 elemental affinity point.
  • Gain 1 elemental point each 5 level.
  • Gain 1 elemental point every level above 100
  • Maximum allocation point for each element is 8
  • Total elemental point gain is 26

Elemental stats can be reset to 0 with 1 Formless Reset Stone.
Any skill the genie currently knows will not be unlearned but will be rendered useless if the elemental affinity is not met.


Learning skills

A genie can learn skills as long as requirements are met.

1. Elemental Affinity
2. Genie level
3. Player's souls.

There are 3 default skill slots. The random points determine the number of skill slots.
Random Points 0-50: 4 Skill Slots
Random Points 51-70: 5 Skill Slots
Random Points 71-80: 6 Skill Slots
Random Points 81-90: 7 Skill Slots
Random Points 91 or more: 8 Skill Slots

Unlearning skills

1. Go to the Elemental Emissary and choose the option Unlearn Spirit Skills.
2. Drag the Elemental spirit into the slot, the spirit's current skills will be appear on the left.
3. Select the skill you wish to unlearn/downgrade.
4. Type the number of skill levels you'd like to unlearn. Typing the current level of the skill unlearns it completely and frees one skill slot.

Note: Once you unlearn a skill and you wish to re-learn it, you will spend souls to level the skill again.

Genie Skill Descriptions

Genie skills simulator


En: Spirit’s Energy. A Spirit starts with 100 Max Energy. Each point of Constitution adds 1 to the Spirit’s Max Energy.
Spring Level 1: 103 Energy
Autumn Level 1: 105 Energy
Summer Level 1: 105 Energy
Winter Level 1: 115 Energy

En Regen: Spirit’s Energy Regeneration rate. Every 50 points of Intelligence adds 1 Energy regenerated per second.
Wil: Spirit’s Willpower. Willpower does not regenerate naturally, and can only be restored by using Vitality Stones obtained through disassembling equipment.

Image Name Willpower Recovered Where to get
1.jpg One Source Stone +40 Willpower Lv 2-3 Equipment
2.jpg Two Ritual Stone +80 Willpower Lv 4 Equipment
3.jpg Three Talent Stone +160 Willpower Lv 5 Equipment
4.jpg Four Direction Stone +240 Willpower Lv 6 Equipment
5.jpg Five Element Stone +320 Willpower Lv 7 Equipment
6.jpg Six Union Stone +400 Willpower Lv 8 Equipment
7.jpg Seven Star Stone +480 Willpower Lv 9 Equipment
8.jpg Eight Diagram Stone +560 Willpower Lv 10 Equipment
9.jpg Nine Palace Stone +640 Willpower Lv 11 Equipment
10.jpg Perfect Stone +720 Willpower Lv 12 Equipment

Leveling the genie

A player can only level up genies that are same level or lower level than the player level.

Gaining experience points

A player needs experience points to level and so does a genie. The genie exp requirement is 40% of the player's experience points. If a player's level is higher than the genie's level, experience infusion to genie would have some corresponding penalty for the player.
To check the player and genie experience points needed to level, click below.

A genie can level up in four ways.
Convert EXP – You can spend EXP earned by your character, directly converting it into EXP for the Spirit. (If your Character has already reached max level, or does not have any EXP in his pool, you cannot use this option.)
Convert Stones – You can use the EXP stored in an Amplified Stone to level up the Spirit.
Convert Soul – You can spend the character’s Soul to convert into EXP for the Spirit.
Normal leveling – Your genie level up while you level. Every exp you get via normal leveling will give exp to your genie too.


You can level a genie using your own experience points. A player transferring exp points to a genie of the same level will incur no exp penalty loss. There is no EXP penalty when genies reach Level 100 or higher. Here's a link to the genie exp calculator.


spiritforge.jpg You can level a genie using Amplified Soul Stones. These are forged genies converted into stones. The resulting Amplified Stone will have a Level equal to the Level of the Spirit used in the transaction. The amount of EXP contained in the resulting Amplified Stone will be displayed in the text box when you forge the genie.


You can also level a genie using your own soul points. Be reminded that genie skills can only be learned using your souls so don't waste too much souls leveling up your genie.


Spirits begin in Trade Locked status by default. In Trade Locked status, the spirit cannot be Vended, Auctioned, Traded or Discarded. Click on Change State to begin the Update State process. spirittradelocked.jpg
spirittradeunlocked.jpg It will take 168 hours in order to update the trade status to Trade Unlocked. During this period, the spirit is treated as Trade Locked. (Click Cancel to stop the Update state)
After the 168 hour period, the trade status will become Trade Unlocked. You will be able to freely trade the spirit. However, when a Spirit is in Trade Unlocked status, it cannot earn EXP except through Amplified Stones. You must revert the trade state to Locked in order to spend EXP or Soul on the Spirit. Clicking Revert State instantaneously reverts the Spirit to Trade Locked status. spirittradeunlocking.jpg


A Spirit can equip 4 kinds of Equipment. They are:

Equipment Name Bonus Price Level Rq
Spirit Jade Timeless Jade Int + 1 1,000,000 29
Spirit Jade Lightning-Guiding Stone Int + 1, Str + 1 3,000,000 69
Spirit Charm Bloodline Charm Str + 1 1,000,000 9
Spirit Charm Immortal Shadow Charm Str + 1, Dex + 1 3,000,000 49
Spirit Mirror Yin-Yang Mirror Dex + 1 1,000,000 19
Spirit Mirror Ice Mirror Int + 1, Con + 1 3,000,000 59
Spirit Jewel Nine-Cleansing Jewel Con + 1 1,000,000 39
Spirit Jewel Clear-Shadow Jewel Str + 1, Con + 1 3,000,000 79

Genie Equipment can be bought from the Elemental Emissary.

Equipment adds bonus stats to the Spirit. Once an item is equipped on the Spirit, it cannot be removed or replaced. You will need to use the Spirit Equipment Disassembly function in order to clear a slot.

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